Ode to 2021

Another year has come and gone (thank-flip!),

and what a year it’s been

Covid, closures and world strife,

happier years we’ve seen

Put that aside and lets take note

of all that we’ve achieved

Focusing on happier things

rather than things we have grieved

Simon, the OG,

has had a year of gains,

working more jobs than we can count

whilst finding time for waves

Always happy, cheeky and smart

a podcast in one ear,

he’s constantly learning and evolving,

conversations with him are dear

Sophie Taylor, what a gem,

has had a year of growth,

a physio beyond all others

AND an elite athlete to boot

Never still, she strives for more

constantly chasing goals

she’s one to watch, this incredibly being

let’s see how 2022 goes

Erin was a new addition,

now was it this year or last?

Part of the team, she fit right in

bringing knowledge and laughs,

Like the Stoke team at large,

she’s always eager to grow,

so surfing lessons it was

for this Canadian from the snow!

Paige, Oh Paige, Our saviour Paige,

took on a new challenge for us all

Working at our new clinic - Enhance Motion,

whilst still chasing goals of her own

Still at Stoke and adding on the footy girls,

tap dancing was next on her agenda

inspiring us all to step on up,

watch this space as we surrender..

Angela, our admin guru,

what would we do without her?!

Consistent and reliable,

she is an absolute pearl

Wisdom from her exudes a-plenty

about the environment and nature - our fav!

Never short of sharing ideas

a new future for us all she’ll help pave

For Cara-Lee and Kate, another year has flown by,

and another business added to their belt.

Enhance Motion - a new clinic in Subi

has been responsible for a lot of what they’ve felt

Busy and accomplished and then maybe a tad run down

tho these two never seem to slow

Shares and gardening and household projects

they’re always on the go

Keep an eye on Kate as she stays SAFE and un-injured,

pursuing her latest goals of fitness

And watch CLG grow in size again

as baby #2 gets ready to bear witness

Stoke Physio, still our baby #one,

watch this space as the New Year unfolds

fantastic new members are joining our team

and will continue to make us so proud

To all of you who have been there throughout

or those who are new to our journey

THANK-YOU for all that you’ve done for our team

your support is what makes us feel worthy.

Farewell 2021 and Welcome to 2022 !

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