Busselton Jetty Swim - The 3.6km Adventures

Hi everyone, Kate here! You may remember me from blogs such as 'A Story of a Physio's Worst Client' - a detailed account of my poor planning and subsequent injury, as I prepared for a half marathon mid-2019.

Well, it's a new year, and as such I've flipped my goals on their head and have changed from vertical land running, to horizontal water running (also known as swimming).

It all started at the end of February in 2019, when we provided physio at the Rottnest Channel Swim for the second year in a row. Now, I wasn't crazy like Cara-Lee and decide to do the swim solo in 2020 - I set a much more realistic goal of doing it in a team. I have also not become pregnant in the time since setting that goal (see here for context), so my chances of completing the event are still high.

And so began the training. I had a group of friends who I'd swim with on a Thursday night, then we'd go to the Scarborough markets for food after. I say swim with, as it was generally a case of 'let's swim for 30 minutes then EAT!' - It was the food that kept us going.

As the nights got darker and the markets stopped, so did our training and I had a winter hiatus. However I'd found friends to do the Rottnest Swim with, so it was always in the back of my mind as a goal to get back into my swim training towards the end of the year.

Fast forward through to about late October, and I was back swimming two to three times per week, and signed up for Busselton Jetty Swim with a group of friends. In my head I thought 'I've walked around the Jetty, and I've done a 2.5km ocean swim before, so surely 3.6km will be fine....'

Let me tell you how it went, on the warm Sunday that was the 9th of February 2020, in chronological order on the day:

04:45 - I'm wide awake. I'm ready to go. I have 1 hour 15 minutes to laze in bed until I have to get up. Why am I awake?

06:45 - Necessary pre-swim banana and coffee.

07:15 - Arrive at event. Squint eyes to see end of jetty. Feel that banana in my belly. Ok, I'm a little apprehensive.

08:00 - We line up. I'm in the same wave as my friend Bellie, so we chat to pass the time.

08:15 - Our wave is up and off we go into the water.

08:16 - It's very murky. Why am I doing this?

Sometime between 100m-1km mark - Ok Bellie is just in front of me. I just have to stay on his tail. Why am I doing this again? My arms feel like lead.

Sometime between 100m-1.5km mark - Why do I always forget how BORING swimming is?

Sometime between 100m-1.8km mark - There's the end of the jetty. I'm about to round it. FINALLY. Home stretch.

Sometime between 1.8km-finish - Ooh there's a bit of a pull with everyone here, this is great. I'm flying.

2km mark (I see a sign) - Ok. Over half way. 1.6km to go. Yep, still extremely bored. There's only so many times the 'Baby Shark' song can go around in my head.

2.2km mark - I look at my watch, feeling like it's been at least 800m since I was at the 2km mark. It's been 200m. Why aren't I going anywhere?!

Sometime between 2.2km-finish - Hello lady in blue bathers swimming at the same pace, we're now swim friends. How are you? Are you as bored as I am? I hope you're enjoying this. I'm not really (This is a conversation in my head). My left hip flexor is also starting to niggle. I'm falling apart. I've done it again, I'm breaking myself.

Sometime in the final km - Why is everyone veering off to the right? Don't we get out at the end of the jetty? Hmmm I'll trust the crowd if EVERYONE is veering...

Ooh there's a shout! I think that's my friends! I wave - even if they weren't my friends, they are now!

Sometime a bit closer to the end than just before - Oh I see the end. It is off to the right. Odd, probably should've looked at the course map. My hip flexor is starting to hurt more. I'm getting running PTSD flashbacks. Will this be another career-ending injury? Nah, I'll be right.

Last 500m - I am a FISH. I am a SHARK. I am flying through the water. ZOOM.

Last 100m - Ok it's too shallow to swim properly, too deep to run - time to do some dolphin dives. Wooohoooo!

VICTORRRRY as I cross the finish line and see my friends!

And what a finish it was! I felt good, I felt accomplished, and besides a tight hip flexor (which I'll get sorted this week, thanks in advance Sophie!) my body is feeling great.

My aim for the swim was to finish it sub 75 min, and I made it in 69 minutes! I am stoked, and more importantly so happy in seeing consistent training pay off.

Next up, Rottnest! See you there :)

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