5 Benefits of Zoom Pilates

Zoom - it certainly had it's *moment in the sun* during the years of 2020-2021. Meetings were on Zoom, fitness classes were on Zoom - even your Friday afternoon drinks had shifted to...yep, Zoom.

And while some things, such as the aforementioned drinks, went back to their best, in-person form as quickly as you could say 'one spicy margarita, please', we have to acknowledge that Zoom is definitely here to stay.

Working from home, with meetings via Zoom, Teams & Slack, has made the work day infinitely better for a lot of people. Removing the pesky commute has made way for more family time, more house time, and more time for ourselves.

And while some people have raced to get back to the gym and their in-person classes, there are others, like me, who have found the absolute joy that is working out from the comfort of your own home. Whether it's the thousands of free workouts you can find on YouTube, or a private, one-on-one video consult with your trainer, working out from home has never been easier or more accessible.

So throw out those old aerobics VCR's, and have a read of our top 5 reasons for working out online...

#1 - Who cares what you wear?

Literally, no one. If you're doing a pre-recorded class, you could be working out in your Oodie, braless and fancy free, with your dog crawling all over you, and no one would be any the wiser. Except your neighbours, if you have your curtains open (be aware). This also means you save money on buying fancy new activewear - double win!

#2 - It's when YOU want!

5am before the kids are up? Do it.

10:15am power 15 minute sweat, on your mid-morning coffee break? Your boss won't know.

5:30pm 'rushing to get to class after work, can't find a park, rock up 2 minutes late and get relegated to either the back row (can't hear) or dead centre at the front (ew)? You laugh, as you roll out your mat in your spacious living room, no one else in sight.

#3 - Less $$$

On a more serious note, this point is one that benefits everyone. Because instructors are not limited to hiring rooms or studios at certain times, their overheads are lower, so they don't have to charge nearly as much as in-person sessions.

You have a range of options - starting with the absolutely-free beauty that is YouTube, to studios that have a library of content for which they charge a weekly or monthly fee to access, to the elite-level of one-on-one private online sessions (live, not pre-recorded).

But even the most expensive will be a fraction of the cost of an in-person class, trust me.

#4 - The world is your oyster

Because international travel is finally a thing again, it now doesn't have to impact your workout routine. You can do your pilates classes from home, from your holiday house in the south of France (we wish), even from your remote camping trip in FNQ (thank you, Telstra).

This ability to stick with your routine makes this style of training even more valuable.

#5 - Tailored to you

That's right, just for you. If you're doing free classes you find on YouTube, you can tailor them to you based on duration/body part/difficulty/whatever you like, really.

If you're doing them one-on-one online with your pilates instructor, then they will continue to make sure the sessions are progressing for your individual goals. They will be able to monitor your form, push you, and help you self-correct, so you come away even more knowledgeable about pilates, and your own body.

So, have you been bitten by the working-out-from-home bug like us? If you have, let us know below what your favourite way of working out online is!

If you want to do private Zoom pilates sessions with our pilates instructor Kate, book online here.

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