A Story of a Physio's Worst Client

Hello, my name is Kate, and I co-own Stoke Physio with Cara-Lee.

Hi Kate! Why are you here?

I'm here, to tell you, with a shame-face that I have proven to be a physio's worst client. Yep, I have all these resources at my finger tips, and yet I make simple mistakes that set me and my training back. Whoops!

Let me tell you how it went....

It was a warm winters day, unseasonably sunny and 20 degrees, as I set out for a long run. You see, I'm training for a half marathon in October, so my training runs are slowly getting longer and longer. My last long run was a few weeks ago (I was away on holidays for 10 days after, so the only running I was doing was in my flippers on the sand to get into the water) and that was 10km at a nice gentle pace. I was running with a friend, so we talked the whole time, which made us run a little slower than normal. That was a smart run.

This run, probably not so much. It started out well - I set off around Lake Joondalup thinking it was a 16km loop, with the goal to run 11-12km, then walk the rest. I wanted to maintain a 5:30/km pace the whole time, so set off at that pace nice and slow and steady. Let me tell you how the km's went...

  • 1 - 5km: This feels good, my body is warming up, this is an easy pace. I like this song. This one too. Ooh it's nice running somewhere new.

  • 6km: Still fun, ish. Ooh a detour. Ok cool, guess I'll just go this way. No point turning back now, I'm sure it'll still be a loop.

  • 7km: One word - chafing. These new shorts were a bad idea. But I'm almost half way around the lake, and have to get back some way, so may as well just push through the pain.

  • 8 - 9km: Another detour?! What are you doing Joondalup?! Oh well, got to keep going. My breathing is getting heavier, but I know I can do 10km, so I can at least get to there. Body is feeling good, it's all mental game sister.

  • 10km: Yes! Hit my previous longest run, I can definitely get to 11km.

  • 11km: Ok, I'm feeling a bit tired but my body is holding up, may as well make it to 12km.

  • 12km: WOO! Longest I've run! May as well stop to have a quick walking break, and check maps to see how far I am away from my car....6km!!! So all those detours made it an 18km loop....6km will take ages to walk, I may as well keep running, at least another km. I feel ok, so why not?!

  • 13km: Ok, my left knee is feeling a bit odd, a bit niggly on the outside...hmmm...maybe it'll get better as I go...

  • 14km: Nope, the opposite actually - the niggle is getting worse. Pretty sure I'm running with a limp now...but 15km is such a nice number...surely I can push through to 15km?!

  • 15km: YES! Pushed through. Hello left leg limp, you seem like you want to stay around...ok....

  • 16 - 18km: omg walking is SO SLOW. I definitely have a gangster limp. That's probably the only cool thing about it....

FINALLY I make it back to my car, and know that I've definitely gone too far, too soon. Whoopppppps! I will definitely foam roll and stretch when I get home (I'm pretty positive the pain is from ITB tightness, we did a blog on it here).

I get home, and sit in the car for 20 minutes, very much exhausted now and putting off showering. But I manage to drag myself out of the car with the game plan to shower, then roll/stretch, then eat.

I shower. Check. I eat. Check. I do not foam roll or stretch. Again....whoops!

Annnnd I wake up the next day, barely able to bend my left knee. I KNEW this would happen, and yet...I didn't do the homework. I expect a solid slap on the wrist from Cara-Lee.

When I get into Stoke that day, none of the physio's have free time to treat me, so I finally do some foam rolling and call it a day. The next day I wake up with my knee feeling back to normal, and I thank my lucky stars that I didn't cause serious damage.

My calves on the other hand, are ROCKS! And Cara-Lee and Paige take great joy dry-needling them. Again, I spend an afternoon barely able to walk.

So, my takeaways from this?! LISTEN to your physio - progress your training smartly, give recovery the respect it deserves, prioritise mobility, and also listen to your body. If you feel a niggle when running or exercising, chances are it won't go away if you keep training on it....lesson learnt.

So...anyone for a 20km run next Sunday?! ;)

Do you have any aches or pains that you want to get checked out? Book in online here to see one of our Physio's today, or call us (08) 9448 2994.

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