Benefits of Cross Training

Have you ever absolutely LOVED the style of exercise you were doing? Perhaps it was pilates, crossfit, running, swimming or dancing...whatever it was, you looked forward to training and tackled every challenge with enthusiasm?

And then have you suddenly just...stopped. Maybe you stopped loving it so much, for some reason you can't put your finger on? Or maybe you went on holiday, so had a forced break, and it just doesn't hold it's appeal any more?

Whatever the reason, going through training slumps and changes is totally normally. It's normal to become bored with your training, to become sick of the same routine and the same boxes being checked each session.

Not only is changing up your training a normal thing to do, it's also great for your body. Our bodies were made to move in SO MANY different ways and there isn't one form of exercise that covers that. Enter cross-training!

Cross-training, or training in a few different styles, has many benefits. It can:

  • Help your body stay injury free by reducing burnout on overused muscles. For example, going to the gym and doing squats one day, then going for a swim the next (to give your lower body more of a break)

  • Keep you interested - by only running twice per week, swimming once a week, and going to the gym twice, you have less chance of getting bored with doing the same thing every training session.

  • Keep you mentally fit - you don't have the chance to become complacent if you're constantly changing up what you're doing

  • Keep you feeling fresh - if you go from 5 runs per week, to just 2, you're going to go into those runs with a fair bit more enthusiasm, I promise

  • It also gives you the ability to change your training on the daily, if you're not feeling like doing something. For example, if you wake up and it's RAINING outside, if you only ran then you might just roll over and go back to sleep. But with cross training, you could go to a pilates class instead, and still get that good movement in to start your day.

Do you cross train? And if so, what are your exercises of choice? Let us know below!

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