Treatment vs No Treatment for Low Back Pain (LBP)

Do you ACTUALLY need treatment when you hurt yourself? You’ve hurt your back hundreds of times before but you know what to do – you leave it and a few days/or week or so later, you’re back to normal again. Is this physio thing all a hype?

I’ll let you in on a secret. It starts with a bell curve. This bell curve tells us that, for low back pain particularly, you will eventually, naturally feel better after 3 weeks. So in that sense – be free little minions and heal thyself.

Wait, you’re still here…..

So you realise there may be a sneaky little catch to this scenario. Yes, back pain cycles through a naturally self-limiting cycle, BUT, this;

  1. Doesn’t mean you have to suffer through the common 3-week timeframe before you get any relief and...

  2. It most definitely doesn’t mean that leaving it to cycle through this pattern will stop it from happening again.

The main goal with physio when it comes to low back pain (LBP) is to get you moving again as quickly as possible, which is why most physio's almost pass out with frustration when you come in telling us that your old-school GP has told you to lie down and rest (just to reiterate- this is the worst thing you can do for your acute LBP).

Even though we know that if you were to go home and wait it out, that after 3 weeks your pain would likely resolve itself, it would be remiss of us to let you go do that. Firstly, because there is a lot of advice and a lot of techniques we can offer to help shorten your recovery timeframe and more importantly, we wouldn’t be addressing the actual reason for why your back flared up in the first place.

So, why see your physio?

Seeing your physio will help you address biomechanical issues, weaknesses and gain an understanding of why your back continues to flare up in this way. Common acute low back spasm and pain is NOT normal and isn’t something you should be suffering through regularly. If you are, then there are some imbalances in your body that should be addressed.

SO, treatment vs no treatment for LBP?

Yes, if you didn’t get treatment your LBP would resolve, however it would likely take about 3 weeks and would very likely reoccur again and again and again….

Getting treatment for your LBP will help shorten the acute pain period plus if you’re seeing the right physio, should target the underlying causes for why you’re experiencing it in the first place and prevent it from continuing to happen.

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