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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

Hippocrates was a wise man. It may seem FAD-ish how so much emphasis has been put on food healing our bodies lately. Turmeric and Green Tea are the latest big acts on the show with their anti-inflammatory powers (are inflammatory disorders a new FAD too?!). But the truth is that Hippocrates made that statement eons ago. And when you think about it, at its most basic level, it makes sense. We require water and food to survive. Ergo, food and water are essential for our body – so there must be more to it than just taste and fuelling our energy?

There is. So much more. I can understand why it can be hard to convince humanity of the fact (though why we need convincing is beyond me. It should be inherent in our nature) – our magnificent bodies are so incredibly complex that it can be hard to put into words. If you think of it this way- our body NEVER stops. It is constantly working for us – even whilst we sleep, it’s busy repairing cells and structures in the body (a huge reason why sleep is so important!). Our body requires efficient energy and different types of energy that come in the form of a variety of foods and nutrients.

So many of our illnesses today are linked to our diet. And we don’t even realise it!! We are so busy racing off to the GP and asking for some pill to take away the symptoms so that we can pretend there’s no underlying issue. And so often we don’t even realise that’s what we’re doing. Symptoms occur for a reason. Usually because your body is reacting to an imbalance from within. We get a fever when our body raises its temperature to encourage small particles in our body to move even faster to fix whatever is going wrong. An injured body part swells and hurts because it has sent reinforcements to the area to fix it (those reinforcements travel in the blood = swelling). It hurts to warn you that it is undergoing repairs and to be careful not to make it any worse until it is fixed. We get a rash on our skin because our elimination system isn’t functioning as well as it needs to be, so our body adapts by helping eliminate those toxins in any way they can – which includes through the skin!

All of these processes NEED to happen to fix the problem. However, we’re so busy running to stop these symptoms that we don’t allow our body to heal itself the way it needs to and is able to. Our bodies are self-healing. We are meant to be able to heal ourselves. But somewhere along the line we got a little lost. Because we got lazy and because the food industry, unfortunately, went bottoms up.

So what can we do about it?

Our bodies are designed to heal themselves, but they do need the correct ‘fuel’.

So, assess your diet. Assess how you feel. Do you feel tired? Do your energy levels rise and dip? Do you have rashes or skin issues? Are you constantly bloated? Do you suffer from excessive flatulence or constipation? Do any of these correlate to your diet?

It can be really tricky to figure out the answer to this if you’re not sure, but here’s a basic start you can make. Try this for a couple of weeks:

  • Drastically reduce/eliminate your processed foods (i.e things with labels on! Pretty much everything that has a label has been fiddled with or processed to make tastier/make it last longer/ kill bacteria etc)

  • Increase your vegetable, legume (beans) and fruit intake. Ideally, organic. If organic isn’t do-able, then get to your closest farmers market and top up there.

  • Chat to a nutritionist or dietitian about some tips for preparing and cooking your food in ways that will get the most nutrients out of them.

  • Up your water intake – simple, yet effective.

Give yourself 2-3 weeks trying this (clear with your GP first) and let me know how you go. Do you notice any differences? Any links? Do you feel better, or worse? If you don’t know where to start or the above doesn’t make sense, chat to a health professional you trust and ask their opinion.

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