“Something's just not quite right...."

Hands up if you’ve been to a doctor before feeling ‘not-quite-right’ only to be told (after tests galore), that there is nothing wrong with you. It can be something as simple as just not feeling as energetic as you normally do, or struggling from mild tummy discomfort or constant bloating, or feeling very slightly flu-y but not with any symptoms severe enough to ‘diagnose’ you with anything.

Hands up again if you’ve come away from these consults without a diagnosis but with some sort of medication to ‘fix’ you?

This is an incredibly common occurrence which result as health professionals doing their utmost to want to help relieve your symptoms. In fairness, majority of the generic symptoms that you can present with are common in countless illnesses and can be very very hard to narrow down. However, the default to provide a pill to fix the symptoms (which does not address the actual underlying problem) is a default that needs to be debunked.

Whilst the medical profession is evolving towards a better system than the ‘quick-fix’ approach, matters need to be taken into your own hands. Rightly so too. It is essential to remember that, NO ONE, knows your body as well as you do. This is easily forgotten by both patients and health professionals and ends up with patients being led down paths they don’t feel beneficial because they are afraid to speak up when an approach or lack-of-diagnosis doesn’t feel right.

So, what can you do about it?

Always go with your gut. But before racing off to a different doctor, check the basics. Oh how I wish I could tell every single person to do this before they even saw a doctor.

  1. Diet – this is the SINGLE most under-diagnosed cause for MAJORITY of illnesses. Something so incredibly simple and easy to fix on your own. Your body requires certain nutrients from food to function properly. If it isn’t getting all these nutrients it is FAR more likely to be at risk for numerous morbidities. With the huge array of options in supermarkets these days we tend to forego quality for convenience. Check yourself. And your diet. If you aren’t sure whether your diet is what it should be then talk to a health professional you trust about it and make some changes.

  2. Movement – do you move? How frequently do you get outside and move your body? I don’t necessarily mean do a crossfit workout or play a rugby game, it can be anything from a stroll in the park to a marathon – whatever works for you. Movement is another basic essential for our body. It helps detoxify our body by encouraging muscles to pump blood around our body and move toxins out

  3. Sleep – good quality sleep is another hugely important (and under rated) basic that our bodies need to function optimally. Sleep gives our body time to regenerate new cells and fix any problems in our body without distraction. If we don’t have this downtime, our body never gets a break from constant functioning so any little issues that don’t get dealt with grow and grow until they become big issues.

  4. Water – that old adage. We all know how important drinking water is for us. I will just add one little tweak to this common piece of advice. Drink FILTERED water. Spend a bit of money on a filter for your tap or a filter jug so that all the water you are putting into your body is fresh, clean water – ready to aid your body in all the million processes it is involved in.

Four simple basics that we all know and are all aware of and that I encourage you to take a harder look at next time you’re not feeling ‘quite-right’ and before you head off to the doctors to pop some pills. You may be surprised by the simple change your body is begging you to make.

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