Health Professionals That Actually Run On Time?! No, we're not joking...

It’s a running joke (read “annoyance that can only be joked about or we’ll cry about it”) that health professionals ALWAYS run late. If you have a doctors’ appointment at 3.15pm you leave the house at that time and still likely have to end up waiting half an hour until you get in. We’ve ALL been in that boat and I can personally vouch for how much it gets my goat. I completely understand how easy it is to run over with clients when you want to give as much to them as you can and not wanting to rush them when they’re finally in a safe space to talk about all that’s plaguing them. I do. We pride ourselves here at Stoke Physio on having longer consults than majority of physio clinics (30 minutes compared to 15/20 minutes) and that’s something we don’t ever want to budge on – because even 30 minutes feels too short most of the time. The other thing we pride ourselves on is RUNNING ON TIME! as we know how frustrating it is to sit there and feel like you’re wasting your time waiting on someone.

SO, on that point I’d like to approach this blog from the health professionals point of view instead of from the patients point of view for a change. What is going through your physio's head when you rock up late to your appointment? Or when they’re trying to usher you out the door and you just want to mention that time you rolled your ankle in the 5th grade?

First of all, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, be early. We do our BEST to run on time, to the point that if we ever run longer than 10minutes late, our admin will call you to tell you that we’re running a bit late so you don’t end up sitting and waiting. We also have a strict policy with our staff members that if the client rocks up late to their appointment that they still cannot run over with them. Which is incredibly hard. After treating for many years, I can tell you when half an hour is up without looking at a clock. We’ve streamlined and planned our treatment sessions to fit everything we need to do in a session into that half an hour. So if you run 10 minutes late, not only does it throw us off (and the rest of our day off!) but it cuts into your treatment plan!

As strict as we intend on being, we build awesome connections with all of our clients which means that we as your physio, feel guilty cutting your time short, even if it was you who ended up strolling in late to your appointment. So we run over with your session, which means Mrs Jones ends up sitting and waiting for her appointment, which we’re aware of – so we start stressing and rushing as we don’t want to cut you off but we also don’t want poor Mrs Jones to be the one to get short changed in her whole experience all because you rocked up late.

All of this is even more applicable if you’re a brand new client. We’re so grateful that majority of our regular clients are aware of our timely sessions and are respectful of our time. If you are a new client, please give the therapist you’re going to (especially if it’s at Stoke!) the benefit of the doubt that they will start on time, because doing a thorough initial assessment on a brand new person, whilst forging a new connection and being able to understand all your goals is hard enough in half an hour, let alone if you rock up late and we only have 15mins to figure all the above out!

Your time is precious, and we understand that. We’re here for you but we’re also here for the person after you. We want to help as many people as we can and we want each and every person who walks through our doors to have a good experience – from start to finish. If you’re running late, please call to let us know and perhaps we have a slightly later cancellation that would suit you better. Or just to prepare us so we can quickly alter the plan we had for you. You’d be surprised at how stressed running late can make your therapist feel and as you’ve ALL been told over and over (by us most likely ;)), stress can have huge physical effects on our bodies.

We need to be in tip top shape to do our best to fix you. So please, respect our time as much as we respect yours. And please respect our decision to stick to our guns and cut your session short or reschedule you if you end up running too late. Thanks for your understanding!

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