Glute Bridge 101: Why & How

The glutes are the group of muscles around the hip that are essential for functional movements, performance and injury prevention. A good way to describe the dysfunction of the glutes is by imagining firing off a cannon from a boat without an anchor. How accurate can that cannon be without a steady base to sit on? There is little chance of it hitting its target when the boat is rocking around on the ocean. The glutes are like the anchor or mooring which ties the boat down, creates stability and allows accuracy and control of the movements of hip joint, knee joints and ankle/foot joints.

As well as stability, the glutes are responsible for global movement of the leg. When they contract they can bring the leg backwards (extension), outwards to the side (abduction) and rotate the hip outward (external rotation). If the glutes are not strong enough to initiate these movements, the body is able to recruit other joints such as the lumbar spine to compensate. However, this is inefficient and leads to injury of these joints because it is not their primary role within the body.

So, for that purpose the glute bridge is one of our favourite exercises for strengthening your glutes, but that's not the only...perk (pun intended).

Other benefits of glute bridges include:

  • Strengthening the hamstrings

  • Stretching the front line of the body including the hip flexors, quads, core and chest

  • Strengthening the core - you have to maintain a strong core and not just arch through the back as you lift

  • Strengthening knees - by keeping your knees straight, and not letting them collapse in or fall out as you lift, we are working the muscles around the knees too

So, how do you glute bridge? Check out our little infographic below, and add it into your daily routine.

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