Getting Back Into Routine

I think it's safe to say that we all know how hard it can be getting back into routine when you've had a bit of a break. Whether that's a break from exercise, healthy eating, regular sleeping, or just good self-care (aka quality down time), it's always hard getting back into routine again.

Here are our top tips for getting back into a routine that makes you feel good.

1. You don't need to start on a Monday/new year/new day

Sometimes the hardest part of starting. Often we can feel like we have to start a new routine, or get back into a good habit, on a certain day (looking at you, Monday's and New Years Day!). But sometimes that's more of a hinderance, and it stops you starting now. Wherever you're at, whatever day it is, start being a healthier version of yourself now, so when that Monday comes round, you already have a head start.

2. Don't overload yourself

We get it, you want to do this perfectly. You want to get your exercise routine on track, your diet on point, and your sleep back to 7-9 hours per night. You want to start training for that half-marathon NOW even though you haven't run for a month. But sometimes, setting too many goals just leads to burn out, which will only set you further back in the long run.

Our advice? Start with one goal, for one week. If your sleep is out of whack (i.e. you're not getting at least 7 hours per night), we recommend starting with that - you can't get gains of any sort if you're body is in a state of fatigue. Then, once that routine is set, add in another small goal, such as exercising a few times a week, or eating more vegetables. Then continue to add on, but make sure the addition of new routines, doesn't take away from the old ones (i.e. don't sacrifice your sleep so you can do extra workouts).

3. Set realistic, measurable goals

The first few weeks of a new routine can be hard, but often great as you might start to see some good results. After these first few weeks, it's normal to plateau a bit. To combat this, set yourself some goals, like 'X' amount of hours of sleep, or X amount of runs per week, or only eating out X amount of times per week. If you can keep track of these, and regularly tick them off each week, you'll know you're progressing, even if you might not feel like it some days.

4. Be patient, and allow slip ups

Good things take time, and none of us are perfect. You are going to slip up, but you want to make sure that you don't beat yourself up for it. If you miss a workout, get a bad nights sleep, eat out 3 meals in one day, please cut yourself some slack. You're human, and as long as you make a promise to yourself to do better the next day (again, no need to be perfect) then you'll be fine in the long run and your routines will stay on track.

So, go forth and start your new routine now! Let us know what your goals are - remember, it's always easier if you have someone else keeping you accountable!

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