Are You Doing The Right Type of Exercise For YOU?

New Year, New You. Right? Time to get back on the horse, back into the healthy eating, back on track with all the goals and aspirations. And most commonly - back onto the fitness bandwagon, whether it’s to lose weight, get fit or stay sane. But are you doing the right type of exercise for your body type?

A common occurrence that I see (especially around the first few months of the year!) are clients turning up with injuries from exercising. There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling like you’re doing the right thing by moving your body just to get hurt doing it.

So let’s have a bit of a chat about whether you’re doing the right type of exercise for you?

First, let me preface this blog with the following:

  1. Your body is MADE to move- in all directions. Spine included. So whatever you end up doing, the end goal is to make sure you’re keeping your body supple and moving in a variety of directions.

So you’re ready to get back on track and get back into exercise after the Christmas break. But this year you want to get healthy without getting hurt. So, before deciding what activity you’re going to do to keep your body moving, here are a couple of things to consider.

#1 What MOTIVATES you?

What helps you get up in the morning? Or drag yourself to training after a big day at work? Do you thrive off the social interactions with others? Or do you need to have a big goal or event to work towards? Perhaps you exercise to clear your mind and help you switch off after a big day at work. Your motivation will help you decide whether to go with a group sport, an event (like a triathlon) or whether you’re more likely to stick to a solo sport such as gym/cycling where you can plug your headphones in and sweat away.

#2 What do you spend majority of your work day doing?

Do you sit at a desk all day? Or are you on your feet, working in a manual labour type capacity? Have a read of that preface again quickly – your body is made to move, in ALL directions. So if you spend the day sitting, you probably don’t want to pick a sport (such as cycling) where you sit even more, or you don't want to ONLY do squats at the gym (aka repetitively sitting and standing!). To prevent the likelihood of injury, you want to pick something that counteracts what you’ve already spent time doing - so if you're a desk worker, get into running or swimming, or if you spend most of your days standing, then squatting and cycling will be great.

#3 How do you feel after your chosen activity?

Latly, ask yourself "how do I feel after I've exercised?" Do you feel energised? Motivated? Strong? Or do you feel run down? Exhausted? Sore?

If the latter, then there are a couple things to consider before potentially having to change up activities.

Are you eating enough? And are you giving yourself some rest days? If yes to both of these then whatever you’re doing may be too much for your body. It is a machine, but let’s not ask more of it than we already do. (Make sure you give yourself a month to get used to any new exercise though, don't write it off after the first few hard sessions!)

Address the above three points and you’re more likely to pick something that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning; makes your body feel good and moves it in a way that it needs to be moved in. And hopefully, the only place I’ll be seeing you is out and about enjoying your newfound energy and NOT in the clinic with a brand new injury to start off the year.

Do you have any aches or pains that you want to get checked out before jumping back into exercise? Book in online here to see one of our Physio's today, or call us (08) 9448 2994.

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