End of Year Review - 2018

I feel like 2018 went by in the blink of an eye - or at least the festive period did! But it's now 2019, which means we get to look back on the year that was and pull all the best bits together.

2018 marked our third birthday in July, and as always it was an eventful year filled with many ups, a few downs, and lots of fun and lessons in between it all!


Cara-Lee, otherwise known as 'the woman with a new project on the go' put a halt to her naturopathy studies to focus on full time physiotherapy work, and it's safe to say the clients have been rejoicing ever since! It's been a year of growth for Cara-Lee and her puppy Oti' (literally in Oti's case, the 1 year old has grown into a fully-fledged dog!), with lots of beach and down south adventures had. Cara-Lee also took a break in October to perfect her surfing skills in Sri Lanka, and eating skills in Vietnam, with her sidekick, Kate. Never one for downtime, Cara-Lee also got back into her kitesurfing this year, and learnt a new skill - handywoman-ing! She's been making wine racks, fixing things around the home and clinic, and just generally having a grand old time converting her garage into a woman-cave of efficiency!


I had a bit of a travelling year, visiting family in New Zealand's south island in March, before joining Cara-Lee on our adventure to Sri Lanka and Vietnam, mixed with the most trips I've ever down to our beautiful south-west in a year. In between all that, myself and the OG clinic pup, Frankie, have been maintaining our status as the duo-to-know along the coast, with our daily coastal walks for coffee's. Lastly, mid-year joined the coolest gym in Perth, Flow Performance in Balcatta and have loved getting stronger again and making a bunch of new friends.


Simon...Simon, who?! It felt a bit like that for 7 months of the year, as we unleashed Mr Mobility into the world (aka Central America & Europe) in March for an epic adventure chasing waves and good times. It felt like he was gone forever, but was back in the blink of an eye, and there were many, many clients who were stoked to have him back and hear his tales. It was certainly a year of growth for Simon - personally, professionally and with his surfing. He came back with a spring in his step, a dreadlock in his hair, and a renewed energy to be the best physio (and person) he could be, and we can't wait to see what 2019 has in store for him! All those footy fans - keep an eye out this year as he makes his return to Subi FC after a break playing country footy!


What HASN'T Claire done this year?! Oh that's right, just worked ridiculously hard at work, while working ridiculously hard with her partner to refurbish their sail boat....and then venture OFF! That's right, Claire spent the first half of the year at Stoke, leaving in September to finish up working on the boat before setting sail in November indefinitely around the world. Woweeee! Last we checked they were hanging around Adelaide, but who knows where the tide will take them from there. We wish Claire all the luck and happiness in the world, and we hope to see her back west-side sometime in the future!

Hi's & Bye's:

We said a sad farewell to Clay, who after a wonderful 1.5 years with us moved South of the River (traitor). He is doing well down there, though we're not sure how much work he actually does around all the road trips he has taken this year! He's certainly making the most WA and putting us locals to shame with his travels!

But it's not all sad, as we also said a big HELLO to Paul Ashburne, remedial massage guru, who works out of Stoke 5 days per week. It's been great having Paul and his big smile join the gang!


Absolutely no change from the normal here - all our clients in 2018 were absolute legends, and we are forever grateful when someone chooses Stoke for their physiotherapy, pilates, exercise and massage needs - even 3.5 years on, it still feels surreal that Stoke has taken on a life of it's own!

And that's a WRAP! What will 2019 bring? Who on earth knows, but we know it'll be fun!

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