Stoked To Introduce: Julie Meek

Welcome to our little community. Every now and then we’ll be introducing another favourite person from our community to YOU. Meet people we hang out with and love to be around and find that personal trainer/next coffee date venue/blogger that you can learn to love and make part of your friendship circle. (We obviously only associate with amazing people donchu know) So stay tuned……who knows who’ll you meet next.


Qualification: Sports dietitian, Coach, Author


Facebook/Instagram: @juliemeek1

Julie reveals a bit about herself…..

Name: Julie Meek

Some of my favourite things: The beach, exercising, my family, all things Italy and travelling.

Most common misconception about your job: I’m a sports dietitian and I think one of the most common things is that people sometimes think we are the food police and that everything is always strict – it’s not!

Favourite thing to deal with: I love it when athletes (recreational and elite) learn how to fuel their training and competition and get a renewed energy and peak performance. It is such an “ahah!” moment.

Favourite piece of advice: Treat your body like a bank account- always try to be in balance and eat what you enjoy.

Place you’re most likely to be found when not at work: Either exercising or driving to sport!

Why we love her: Julie is funny and simply lovely. Super easy to talk to and incredibly passionate about what she does, Julie is THE person to talk to about fuelling your body the right way.

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