Yes, You Actually Can Do That - Putting An End To Limiting Beliefs In Your Pilates Practice

So you have a bulging disk. You've been told your posture is 'bad, kyphotic with a severe head poke'. You have a weak core. You have under-active glutes and over-active hip flexors. What is your pelvic floor doing?! Your shoulders are too rounded and your lower back too arched, or too flat, or too neutral (is that even a thing? You don't even know anymore).

You are basically a walking injury, so it's best you lie down for the rest of your life. Or do Pilates.

Do any of those sound familiar? Well, maybe not the last one, but if you've been to a physio or had a Pilates assessment before, chances are they might sound familiar to you. Or you might have heard something else about your body, but it's still centred around the belief that there is something wrong with you. And I'm here to tell you that that just isn't true.

Yes, there are optimal postures. Yes, there are optimal muscles to strengthen and lengthen for better posture, and overall physical wellbeing. And that is what Pilates does.

However what I don't agree with, and what I happily see more and more pilates practitioners disagreeing with, is only focusing on what is wrong with you that needs to be fixed. No one wins when all we focus on is what's wrong, we win when we focus on what you can do, and how to do that better for you and your body. This leads us into correct movement patterns, and in a better way. A positive way.

This is your body, and this is where it's at right now. Yes, you might have *weaknesses* and *imbalances* and as a Pilates practitioner, it is my privilege to work through those with you. But you are not broken, and you are not incapable of doing something because of those things that are going on with your body. Every body is unique and beautiful in that sense, and the beauty of Pilates is that everything is modifiable for your goal.

Often the largest barrier to a client benefiting from Pilates is not any of the above mentioned conditions. It is actually getting in the door to their first Pilates session. How daunting must it be to go into a session with the feeling that you are being judged on your posture, or your strength? Well that's not how we do it here. We focus on what is right, and what feels good, and we work with that. Because when we work in a positive frame of mind, and we progress what we can do, your body can achieve great things. When we work on a fear-based strategy, of constantly saying 'that's not right' then self-esteem goes out the window, and with it, progress.

So next time you go into your Pilates session or class, focus on what feels good, and do that. You know your body, and when your Pilates practitioner is good at what they do, they'll help you work into those positions, with YOUR body (not based on how something is supposed to look, sorry Joseph Pilates).

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