End of Year Review - 2017

2017 has been and gone, and WHAT a year!

They say time flies when you are having fun, well, we must be having a hell of a lot of fun! What a year it has been and boy oh boy how quick it has flown by. Even though the time has passed quite quickly, the crew at Stoke didn’t waste much time in getting up to their usual antics – travelling the globe, trying out new activities and frothing on life!

Reviewing the year behind us can often be a case of opening old wounds, revisiting the good times and reflecting on a lot of the in between times… and this will be no different.


With previous aspirations to be a yoga instructor, downwind paddle skier and boxer foiled, Cara decided to enrol in her Naturopathy Course at University. So far so good with all exams being completed and she hasn’t been sick once since… must be those different herbal teas she is concocting. Please don’t be freaked out if you wander into the clinic and Cara is researching some left-of-centre disease on our reception desktop, it is not personal research, all for her study!


Recently becoming a self-proclaimed grandma, Kate has really taken to being the queen of an early night cup of tea and watching a movie, being asleep by 8pm most nights. However big things are expected of Kate this summer now that Frankie is of age to look after himself! Having moved even closer to the area, Frankie and herself have become quite the local duo, single handily keeping the cafes in the area afloat with their expenditure on extra hot, soy, skinny flat white’s and a puppy chino for Frankie.

Frankie and Otis:

The two big hits of the year 2017… (apart from Mobility Monday that is) and the newest recruits to the Stoke team. Frankie, the French Bulldog, is an easily excitable, yet easily exhaustible bundle of joy. If you ever hear awkward noises drifting into the gym or treatment room you can safely bet that they are coming from young Frankie’s snores. As with most things, Kate and Cara are inseparable, so when Kate gets a puppy, Cara then decides to get a puppy… I am not complaining because quite frankly (pun intended) I love puppies. [Enter] Otis, Cara’s cute and furry red and white Border Collie! Otis is currently still finding his feet within the clinics surrounds, and isn’t deterred by the presence of our make shift fence! Easily able to push it down and lick our clients to death with ease.


After surviving the end of his first Perth Summer, Clay has seen and done more of WA’s tourist attractions than all of us put together. Disregarding all the advice of 4WD experts, Clay took hits Hyundai Gets and bravely faced the open roads and un-sealed tracks of Northern West Australia. He swam with Whale Sharks and snorkelled along some of the most pristine reefs known to man. Coming from Canada, Clay is no stranger to the mountains and was getting some withdrawals so decided to venture south to climb Bluff Knowl, one of the most treacherous mountains we have to offer… with which Clay laughed at when he saw the size, taking it more as a gentle sand-hill compared to what he was used to back home.


Crikey! I could write a full length essay on all the cool stuff Claire has done this year. Always full of exciting stories to get me through my Monday arvo shifts, there is always something new and fun going on. From travelling to Myanmar, to buying some kayaks to do more river kayaking or refurbishing a friend’s yacht by herself… just to name a few of the interesting things Claire has been doing this year. Claire also became very interested in dry needling and became a teacher’s pet at a course. Claire impressed so much that the teacher asked her to take over for the rest of the year so occasionally Claire will be away on weekends upskilling all the other physio’s and chiro’s out there on how to effectively dry needle without piercing a nerve or artery.


I had very different and exciting year in 2017. Taking a temporary leave of absence from my normal WAFL football commitments, I ended up doing regular weekend trips away to Jurien Bay to play football. After a few disappointing years of finals failure, I finally broke the curse and won a premiership with the Bulldogs. Cashing in on some extra free time and more flexibility, I was also able to get away to Bali on two trips full of surfing and then in the recent months have spent most weekends away down south trying to find waves now that the summer weather pattern has kicked in. All in all, very chilled out, relaxed year for myself. Looking forward to an exciting 2018 full of work, travel and surf.

And that's a WRAP! Thank you to our clients for making 2017 so successful, and we can't wait to see where 2018 takes us.

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