Successful Summer Road Trips

It is that time of year again where we break for Christmas and New Year period. Excitement surrounding the plans for this time of year may have started as early as our last Christmas, in July. I, myself am always a near on certainty to be exiting Perth during this break, searching for greener pastures, new friends and better waves and I have no doubt that this year will be no different. In my experience I have picked up a few lessons about what it takes for a road trip to be super successful and wanted to share them with you in this blog.


Music – Absolute necessity. You can break the awkward silences of between conversational topics with some cruisy Jack Johnson style chilled music, or you can get the whole car pumping with some Karaoke playing the likes of Wonderwall, Drops of Jupiter etc. Make sure you have yourself a few solid playlists, a decent speaker and please please please do not forget your AUX cord!


Phone Charger – Obvious one here, but not so much for the sake of being able to scroll through Facebook or message/call loved ones who are left in the big smoke, but in order to keep the phone charged so that we can take photos and insta-stories to therefore make everyone else who isn’t travelling away really really jealous. But always leave at least 5% battery to make an S.O.S call if you are bogged on an isolated beach with the tide closing in on your car.


Don’t Get Stuck – Spending time in cars/planes/trains isn’t ideal on the body. Normally the hips and back will stiffen up with the seats not always being that ergonomic and pure time spent in seated postures. My advice on this matter would be to get out of the car at every fuel stop and/or toilet break regardless of whether you need to. Also if on a train/plane where you can’t ask the pilot to pull over, get up and walk from the front to the back of the plane in order to loosen the body up… plus you never know who you might run into or meet in these circumstances! ;)


Mobility – Really need to get creative with this one if you are not in your normal environment. Examples such as using a coconut as a foam roller or trigger point ball; a surfboard legrope/bodyboard leash as a theraband type of set up for stretching or glute work; or a tree branch or rocky overhang as a way of doing some dead hangs/chin ups etc.


Avoid Making Plans! – Plans when travelling are overrated. Some of the best times I have had, are when things haven’t gone according to plan or we had no plans to start with. Things have a way of working out so don’t be so stressed with the details that you miss out the fun of the adventure and unexpected.


Talk To People – Yeah, so you are travelling with your best buddies or family, don’t be afraid to go off and chat to someone else. You might find out a little more about the place you are exploring or tips for secret spots, or even better you may even score some free accommodation and not have to sleep in a local park and get woken up by the Ranger the next morning. Asking locals about different weather conditions, places to eat/drink etc. if you don’t ask, you’ll never know.


Bring Your Best Attitude – For the sake of your own adventure and the fun of those around you, make sure that you roll with the punches when on a road trip or holiday. Things never run smoothly so don’t get bummed or negative when things are tough, look on the bright side and where possible laugh about it with those around you. Most of the funniest stories people bring back from holidays are the ones where something bad happens… they are tough at the time but hilarious when you reflect.

Just a few of the things I have picked up along the way. Everyone does their road trips differently but if you have good company, good tunes and a good destination then you are always bound to have a good time!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)

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