Why You Should Take Your Workout Outside

It's that time of the year, the weather is warming and the days are getting brighter earlier. For us, as a coastal based clinic, this means as we drive to work everyday we're greeted with beautiful ocean views...before we head into the clinic to get into the day.

So partly as a way to offer more for our clients, but also partly because we love being outside and on the beach, we're starting our Outdoor Pilates classes. More information can be found about them here, and now we're going to get into WHY exercising outdoors is so good for you!

1. You Burn More Calories

Really, you do. By doing the same workout outdoors as you might do indoors, you are adding in resistance factors such as uneven ground, wind and attractive people walking past (causing you to work a little bit harder to look like a gun). When you take it to the beach like we do, you are basically turning your pilates workout into a full body HIIT workout, pilates style.

2. The Scenery Keeps It Interesting

...and thus your workout goes by quicker. When you're not solely focused on how many reps/sets you have to do, or watching the clock on the wall, it's amazing how quickly 45 minutes can by.

3. Excellent For Your Mood

There is plenty of research out there showing how spending time outdoors can reduce stress. Being in the outdoors and surrounded by nature obviously increases the amount (and quality) of oxygen you can take in, which in turn keeps that serotonin (feel-good chemical) production up. You'll find that instead of cursing those birds outside you're window at 6am, you'll be chirping along with them.

4. Finally, It's Just Good To Disconnect

How much of your day do you spend indoors? Or doing tasks that are related to your phone, computer or TV? We bet it's a fair bit, and it can even translate to your gym workouts - looking at your phone while you go on the treadmill, constantly hearing your notifications or watching a screen telling you what to do next in the class. It's just good for the soul to take a step back from all that technology, and reconnect with your surroundings without those distractions.

Have I won you over yet? If yes, click here to book into our Outdoor Pilates classes with me - every Wednesday @ 6am! If no? Then click here to book into our Outdoor Pilates classes with me - every Wednesday @ 6am, and I'll prove my points.

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