City To Surf: What To Do If You're Not That Prepared (oops!)

Remember earlier in the year when you signed up for the City to Surf? No? But then all of a sudden you are getting emails and reminders in your diary that alert you to the fact that you did… It’s a classic story and happens more often than thought. People are sucked in by a mate’s enthusiasm or a workplace’s push for joint exercise or even for a charity. At the time you thought ‘I will train 3-4 x week, it will be a great way to get fit again for summer so I can look sharp down the beach in my budgie smugglers’ but then of course the ‘dad bod’ craze swept through and you felt comfortable with that. As a result, you stopped training, completely forgot about the City to Surf and now you are faced with the task of running 12km this weekend coming off little to no preparation.

This isn’t the ideal scenario but let’s try and look at ways you can maximise your chances of success:

  1. Footwear – Get on down to your local footwear provider and suss out some reasonable shoes. If you can protect your feet and have them feeling pretty comfortable then you are 25% of the way there.

  2. Limber up – Think about those areas that you normally tighten up or get sore with when you did do some running prior to the ‘dad bod’ phase. This could be your calves, hammies, lower back etc. and think about ways you can keep them nice and loose and fresh. Options you may have are massage, dry needling, stretching, yoga, pilates…. and the list goes on.

  3. Get out for a run – Probably the obvious one, however this one comes with a warning. DO NOT OVERDO IT!!! The worst thing you could do right now is think that the ‘more the merrier’ in terms of pounding the pavement in a rushed attempt to build up fitness. I would suggest going at about 75-80% intensity of your normal output so that you can get some load into the legs but that you won’t still be hobbling with DOMS come Sunday.

  4. Don’t get competitive – Just because everyone around you on the day is sprinting off into the distance doesn’t mean you should as well. Run your race, I mean, most people have spent months building their running capacity up for these events so no point trying to outrun your neighbour when you’ve come off a three-day lead up.

  5. Have a contingency plan – If things don’t go according to plan on the day then you want to have a strategy. Whether that is to break the event down into a walk/run/walk system. But then also important that when people don’t find you at the finish line or your name in the paper the following week that you have a good excuse…. Something like ‘another lady was having breathing problems and I had to provide first aid assistance and saved her life’ or go into work hobbling with a suspected broken leg (which turns out to be fine when the surf is good next or next footy game is on).

  6. Book a massage or float tank or day spa, sauna, steam room etc. – If you complete the run, no doubt the soreness will be real! Get in for some relaxation the next couple days after because geez you are going to need it. Whilst you are relaxing you can start to brainstorm your next event to register for and forget about.

Hopefully some of these ideas come in handy for those coming off limited preparation for this weekend’s City to Surf and all the very best!

If you have any niggling aches or pains and want to get checked out before or after the race, book in to see one of our physios today - book online here or call us on (08) 9448 2994!

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