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Welcome to our little community. Every now and then we’ll be introducing another favourite person from our community to YOU. Meet people we hang out with and love to be around and find that personal trainer/next coffee date venue/blogger that you can learn to love and make part of your friendship circle. (We obviously only associate with amazing people donchu know) So stay tuned……who knows who’ll you meet next.


Anthony is a local Perth surfer, who is gaining traction in longboard competitions both locally and interstate. He recently competed in the longboard state titles and is about to try his hand at shortboard comps again after a 4 year hiatus. We grab Anthony for a quick chat:

STOKE: What got you into surfing? Have you always frothed off of it or has it been a recently developed passion?

ANTHONY: I first started surfing when I was 9 years old and have loved it ever since. My dad taught me how to surf and I would always nag him to take me as much as possible.

STOKE: What do you do when you're not in the water?

ANTHONY: When I’m not in the water I am training through surf specific movements as well as doing Pilates and having weekly physio sessions at Stoke. I also skate as much as I can to change things up a bit. I am also currently studying full time so when I am not surfing, training or travelling, I’m studying.

STOKE: Do you have any big goals coming up?

ANTHONY: My main goal at the moment is to Qualify for the World Championships in Taiwan at the end of this year.

STOKE: Do you do any surf-specific training outside of the water?

ANTHONY: I do Pilates to strengthen weak areas to improve my balance and mobility to avoid avoid injury and surf as good as I can. I also use skating as a simulation exercise to keep moving when I may not be able to go for surf.

STOKE: Do you have any tips for aspiring groms in terms of commitments/training/mindset when it comes to competitive surfing?

ANTHONY: I would say, that the best way to perform well in contests and stay motivated is to stay humble and not let competitive surfing become the only reason you surf.

STOKE: What's your favourite part of surfing?

ANTHONY: My favourite part of surfing is that every surf is different and it so different to other sports because you cannot control what is happening around you. I also love how no matter what mood you are in, going for a surf gives me the same awesome feeling every time and is the best way to get away from reality.

STOKE: What's the part of surfing you could do without?

ANTHONY: I could definitely do without crowds and people that try and tell you what you should be surfing (short boards over long boards) over what you love and enjoy.

Thanks so much for your time Anthony! Check out his insta page here to keep up to date with what he's up to.

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