Stoke Mid Year Review - 2017

It is back by popular demand…. Or maybe just because it is coming up to that time of the year? Regardless, the most important blog of the year is back! Whilst my boss’ took over the yearly review, I fought back control to make sure I had this blog so we can take a look at the goings on and events happening at the clinic over the last 6 months and some predictions into the next 6 months.

So within the last 6 months plenty has happened. It is incredible how things can change so much in such little time, for example Kate, Stoke co-founder and Pilates guru has become a Mum!!! Yes, you read that correctly, Kate is a mum! Ok… not in the true sense of the word but she recently acquired an 8-week old French Bulldog called Frankie who many of you have come to know and love. I am however a bit disgruntled with the whole scenario as I am finding many clients reluctant to leave the reception area to come into the treatment rooms and feel like Frankie is stealing the limelight. And I wasn’t joking that Kate is a mum, the way Frankie gets treated, it’s as if he is royalty… luxury sleeping quarters and decadent treats. So if you haven’t already seen Frankie, make sure you pop in and say hello to the little guy. I will be endeavouring to take him off Kate’s hands for long walks on the beach at sunset just because I am a nice guy like that and no other selfish reason.

Cara-Lee is adding strings to her bow every day! Whilst we know she is a gun on the pilates reformer, wakeboard and kiteboard, she has also become very efficient at returning from holidays or exam breaks and managing to turn the clinic upside down and giving it a different look. Keeping things fresh is important, but we do apologise if we cannot find equipment straight away during our sessions. Talk about strings to the bow, CLG is also back at school, this time studying Naturopathy so we’ve all been listening to the detrimental effects of many pharmaceuticals and progressed to eating nothing but celery and apples with green tea. However, I have let the team down a bit and have been going against the grain, enjoying the very occasional drop of red wine and needing a neurofen or Panadol on Sunday morning… sorry Cara!

Tully, where do we start with Tully!? The man is full of energy and we all find it hard to keep up with his latest endeavours. I mean within the last week alone he held a mental health seminar, where he not only discussed such topical issues around depression and anxiety but also raised over $2000 for charity. This came at a welcome cost to Tully and his partner in crime Michael Bell from Flow Performance, where they pledged to perform one burpee for every dollar raised. So if you were walking past Lululemon in Karrinyup you would have noticed two pale and fit bodies doing 2000 burpees in their window shopping section. All jokes aside, it was a really fair effort Tully and Belly!

Claire is our excitement machine! She provides huge entertainment value in our weekly catch ups and is always out and about trying new things or visiting cool spots. From motocross festivals in the north west of Perth, to Whaleshark diving in Exmouth or stand up paddle boarding her way around the Metro region, Claire is ticking a lot of fun boxes! I can guarantee that you always come away from a discussion or session with Claire thinking much more positively than when you walked in and also full of new ideas or lessons that you can try out. Claire updated me on the deep history of Myanmar after her impromptu trip there early this year, a place I would never even known existed or have such historical importance.

And then we have the resident exercise and rehab guru Clay! Almost 6 months into his time here at Stoke and I don’t think I have ever seen so many inventive and challenging exercises. The man is a research machine, always looking more deeply into injuries and how we rehab and treat them. In between that, Clay, originally from Canada and then Sydney after that, has managed to see more of the WA landscape than most of us local Perthians. Hiking through the Stirling Ranges, road tripping multiple times through Margaret river and the longer hauls up to Coral bay/Exmouth areas. I have lived here my whole life and not managed to get to some of these places… I now live vicariously through your photos at the moment Clay.

Also if you have been in through the clinic on a Monday evening or Saturday morning you would have met Van and the little cutie Miles! Van is the newest member to the team and will be helping out with admin... you know us physio’s have no idea and we keep making mistakes when trying our hand at it. Miles is the coolest cat, with a blue steel model look and mobility that we all aspire to! We are looking forward to having Van and Miles around the clinic.

From my end, I’ve been very quiet. I try to spend most of my time mobilising and then transferring the knowledge and improvements that I pick up from these, to you my loyal followers of the Mobility Monday segment. I have enjoyed the feedback from the Mobility Monday and glad that it inspires you to get moving on your Monday! Contrary to some comments, it has nothing to do with any self-promotion J. On the other not so important days I have been trying to surf as much as I can, dodging the insane crowds at our local beaches. Luckily, this year playing footy up at the Jurien Bay Bulldogs I have had the opportunity to spend many of my weekends camping on the beach and enjoying my glass of wine in natures beauty! Waking up most of the time to fantastic surf with no one in sight and look forward to more of this through the winter.

It is incredible that Stoke is coming up to its second birthday! Thank you to everyone who has helped make Stoke such a great environment to come and get those bodies sorted out. Not going to lie, with the addition of Frankie and the crew here all very adventurous, Stoke has a very exciting and bright future! Keep in touch guys, we love you all.

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