Get to Know the Stoke Staff - Van & Miles

Feel like you know Simon from all the Mobility Monday posts he does? Starting to understand the way Clays mind works from reading all his blogs? Been having some deep and meaningful conversations with Tully and Claire and just a little bit curious about the personalities behind the amazing physios you come to see?

Wait no longer, round 2 of “Get to know your Physio” is live!


Van is our latest team member, and you'll see her behind the admin desk a few times a week! If you're lucky, you'll also see her trusty admin assistant Miles with her too. We asked them both a few very important questions...

Beach or Mountains?

VAN: Mountains! I did a season in Banff, Canada after uni and I left a bit of my heart there.

MILES: Beach! I like the feeling of the sand through my fingers and I love to kick in the waves.

Red Wine or White Wine?

VAN: I'm more of a spirits gal but if I have to choose, red!

MILES: I like my milk wine free and on tap!

Green Smoothie or Green Juice?

BOTH: Green smoothie, but it has to have frozen banana for creaminess!

Morning person or night owl?

VAN: Night owl.

MILES: Both! I like to wake up early in the morning and be up all night.

Favourite social outing?

VAN: Going to a gig or playing board games with friends.

MILES: Anywhere I can roam free, bonus if I can eat grass.

Current self-development project:

VAN: Get rid of clutter and hoard less.

MILES: Currently trying to master a proper crawl and also working on standing up.

Favourite stretch:

VAN: A good chest and shoulder stretch to counteract hours of hunching over Miles/cooking/trombone/craft.

MILES: It involves putting toes from both feet in my mouth at the same time. I also enjoy a dog downward dog.

Home cooked speciality:

VAN: At the moment I am enjoying making (and eating!) soups. This is a current winner:

MILES: I am good at mashing things, so maybe smashed avo?

Current favourite sport to play:

VAN: Does hacky sack count?

MILES: I love swimming.

Current favourite sport to watch:

VAN: Calvinball

MILES: I like to watch my sister ride her bike.

What’s currently at the top of your wishlist?

VAN: A night of uninterrupted sleep!

MILES: Mama's keys and small pieces of lego.

Goals for 2017:

VAN: Create more, waste less.

MILES: Play with my sisters toys.

Most common health tip you give (not physio related):

VAN: Drink more water.

MILES: Putting everything you can in your mouth will build your immunity.

Do you have an ache or pain? Book in to see one of our physio's today - book online here or call us on (08) 9448 2994!


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