Surfing: All About That Get Up

The get-up phase of surfing is the hardest part, it is what makes and breaks your sessions. So much hard work put into actually getting into that perfect position, to hopefully be able to race down the line and tear a wave to shreds. You could be paddling to reposition, duck diving, getting hustled by the crowds (particularly if surfing in Perth Metro areas) and bobbing up and down on your board for a long time before finding yourself in the best position to take that wave. So when that chance comes, there is nothing more frustrating than a failed get-up. In this blog I wanted to look into some exercises and methods to prepare you for that moment, ensuring that you have the strength, mobility and technique to be successful with every get-up.

1. Hip flexion

It is imperative that the hip is able to flex, particularly the front leg of the stance because otherwise you are likely to be too far back on the board or require a double step to get to your feet in the best position. As most of us know, Perth waves don’t allow you that luxury so if you want to stay sane when surfing locally than I advise you to get stuck into this exercise in order to maintain or improve your hip flexion.

- 45-60 second hold x 3-5 sets

2. Upper body strength

The ability to hold your body on the unstable surfboard whilst allowing the feet to move in underneath you is a real task. Upper limb strength is the real key here; you need to be strong through the chest, triceps and forearm extensors/flexors. One of my favourite exercises for training this aspect of the get-up is a modified close grip push up. Not only does it promote strength but also a really good way of developing shoulder stability and prevents injury down the track.

-10-12 reps x 3-5 sets

3. Box jumps

Finally, the get-up is a very dynamic movement, which requires a lot of power and plyometric energy from the muscles to go from prone position (lying on the board) to standing up. The box jump is a favourite of mine because it simulates the tucking of the knees towards the chest and driving them underneath you. Also with my box jumps I recommend that once landing at the top of the jump, you drive into full upright stance position to really engage the glutes. To make this even more surf specific you can try landing into your stance position!

- 4-6 reps x 3 sets

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