Stoked To Introduce: Callan Starr

Welcome to our little community. Every now and then we’ll be introducing another favourite person from our community to YOU. Meet people we hang out with and love to be around and find that personal trainer/next coffee date venue/blogger that you can learn to love and make part of your friendship circle. (We obviously only associate with amazing people donchu know) So stay tuned……who knows who’ll you meet next.

MEET CALLAN STARR: Pro Wakeboarder

If Callan Starr isn't at the top if your insty search page then it's time you caught up. The 20 year old from Perth, WA has been turning heads on the wakeboard scene over the last few years, and not just due to his good looks. Down-to-earth and easy to chat to, Callan exudes comfort out on the water, whether he's on the boat passing out tips, behind the wheel or flipping tricks without even batting an eyelid. He takes a beat to chat to us about the upcoming year...

STOKE: Cheers for your time Callan! Tell us a bit about what got you into wake-boarding. Has it always been a family sport?

CALLAN: It actually never was a family sport. One of mums friend bought a boat years ago and Mum and I were always invited out at Belmont to go tubing and kneeboarding and all of that business with him. Later on he bought a wakeboard and we all transitioned into giving that a go, I would've been around 10 at the time. Ever since then I've gradually gotten more interested and involved in the sport.

STOKE: What gets you stoked about wakeboarding?

CALLAN: Definitely learning something new or watching the same happen to another. But as long as there is a good bunch of people around there's always stoke!

STOKE: What don't you love about the sport?

CALLAN: How inaccessible it is to the majority of people, and in turn I guess how unpopular it is as a board sport.

STOKE: What would you say your biggest achievement to date has been?

CALLAN: Winning Moomba Masters in the Pro Junior Men category last year.

STOKE: Have you got any big goals for the year ahead?

CALLAN: Keep my riding going all through the winter hopefully getting some magazine coverage. But am mainly focussed on passing all of my units for the school year.

STOKE: What are you doing when you're not in the water?

CALLAN: I'm currently enrolled as a chiropractic student at university so that's taking up the majority of my time right now. With the free time I get I enjoy to skateboard, jump on the trampoline and some gaming on the down low.

STOKE: Any tips for those looking to get into the professional world of wakeboarding?

CALLAN: You need to put as much time on the water as possible, be approachable and offer something a little different to the table.

You can check out Callan on his Instagram page here!

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