Get to Know the Stoke Staff - Tully (Round 2)

Feel like you know Simon from all the Mobility Monday posts he does? Starting to understand the way Clays mind works from reading all his blogs? Been having some deep and meaningful conversations with Tully and Claire and just a little bit curious about the personalities behind the amazing physios you come to see?

Wait no longer, round 2 of “Get to know your Physio” is live!


Beach or Mountains?


Red Wine or White Wine?

Red all day long

Green Smoothie or Green Juice?


Morning person or night owl?

Morning person

Favourite social outing?

Some sort of board related activity

Current self-development project:

Currently developing a workshop series for holistic wellbeing

Favourite stretch:

Gluts/pigeon (I have a lot of favourites though)

Home cooked speciality:

Do a mean veggie curry

Current favourite sport to play:

Snowboarding - that's a sport

Current favourite sport to watch:


What’s currently at the top of your wishlist?

Travel Canada in a motor home

Goals for 2017:

Be in a position to invest in a property by the end of the year

Most common health tip you give (not physio related):

Drink more water and practice being grateful for what you have

Do you have an ache or pain? Book in to see one of our physio's today - book online here or call us on (08) 9448 2994!


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