Get to Know the Stoke Staff - CLG (Round 2)

Feel like you know Simon from all the Mobility Monday posts he does? Starting to understand the way Clays mind works from reading all his blogs? Been having some deep and meaningful conversations with Tully and Claire and just a little bit curious about the personalities behind the amazing physios you come to see?

Wait no longer, round 2 of “Get to know your Physio” is live!


Beach or Mountains?

Always been a beach baby but I do find a wonderful serenity about mountains. Not around them enough I guess though.

Red Wine or White Wine?

Red for the win

Green Smoothie or Green Juice?

Green smoothie. I never feel like a juice fills me up enough.

Morning person or night owl?

Definitely a morning person. I’m a nanna and in bed by 8.30pm most nights!

Favourite social outing?

Outdoor catch ups (brekkie/coffee/beach walks), fruit & veg markets or dinner parties with friends.

Current self-development project:

Always a few on the go. Currently writing in a diary to try offload my thoughts and be specific with my gratitude.

Favourite stretch:

hmm, I love pigeon stretch or mermaid on the reformer

Home cooked speciality:

Tough one. I don’t think I have a speciality. I’m currently loving my salads with homemade salad dressing and dukkah. Also making some phenom-bomb smoothies.

Current favourite sport to play:


Current favourite sport to watch:

Been loving watching the surfing!

What’s currently at the top of your wishlist?

A new watch. And some quality winter gear to wear on the motorbike as I’m already freezing in the mornings!

Goals for 2017:

hah. It was initially meant to be consistency (and not much change)- and that’s completely gone out of the window. So now, work-life-study balance (don’t burn out), make time for friends and my partner and spend time in nature (ocean+).

Most common health tip you give (not physio related):

Slow down (stop and sit), listen to your body (eat well, relax if you’re over- tired, exercise), get outside (nature).

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