Top 5 Things to Do Down South Over the Next Month

This time of year is bloody terrific! The weather has cooled down slightly but is still warm enough to be out and about and enjoying the beaches, wineries and outdoor settings. With plenty of public holidays just around the corner it’s typically a great opportunity for people to get out of Perth. In this blog I really wanted to touch on my 5 recommendations for activities to do when away south of Perth.


Wine, wine, wine…

I would be sincerely disappointed in you if you didn’t make it through at least a couple of the local wineries throughout the Margaret River region. Even if you are not a massive wine drinker at home, just learning the process behind the wine making and seeing the beautiful vineyards is reason enough to visit.

Some of my recent favourites are Xanadu, Redgate, StormFlower and McHenry Hohnen.


Bunker Bay to Eagle Bay stretch…

One of the most beautiful stretches of coastline I have seen. Plenty of isolated bays and with BBQ facilities and other amenities to make a day trip comfortable. There is also a nice little hiking trail throughout this area of the Cape and at certain points offers breathtaking views! I’m not going to direct you much further because the trails, bays and views you just need to explore and find for yourself… remember it’s all in the journey!


Walk the Margaret River…

Just before entering into the main stretch of shops that makes up the main part of Margaret River there is a park on the left hand side of Bussel Highway. If you can park your car there or close by and walk through the park and onto one of the trails, then you will find yourself having a solid walk within the surrounds of the lush bushland and iconic Margaret River flowing metres away. Be careful of cyclists and runners coming through the trail.


Settlers Tavern…

Margaret River’s famous bar/restaurant is known for having fantastic live, local and international musicians coming through and performing, particularly on the public holiday weekends. With a great array of beers on tap and very solid food menu, it is a great place for a family dinner with great atmosphere or a fun night out with mates. Check their website to see who is playing over the next few weeks.


Drive through Boranup Forest…

One of the most spectacular driving experiences that I have had is when you take Caves Road and drive south, away from Margaret River all the way through the Boranup Forest. The winding road moves up and down through valleys and hills with the tall Karri trees either side of the road refracting light incredibly and making this something that needs to be ticked off. Make sure that your driver keeps their eyes on the road, as hard as that may be, or even pulls over so you can really enjoy the views.

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