Reformer Pilates & Pregnancy - Why You Should Start Now!

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If you have friends who are, or have been pregnant, there is a high chance that they have done reformer pilates at one point or another in their pregnancy. Pilates is a low impact, highly effective, form of exercise that is perfect for mothers as it can be done at almost all stages of pregnancy.

Keep reading to find out the main reasons for doing reformer pilates with a physiotherapist at each stage of your pregnancy.

1. Pre-Pregnancy (i.e. looking to try in the future)

They say the best defence is a good offence, and that rings true with pilates and pregnancy. Doing reformer pilates builds up a strong core and pelvic floor, and having a good base level of fitness and strength in these two areas can make your pregnancy (and subsequent recovery) easier. Starting now means you will also have a good fitness level to continue on as your progress through your future pregnancy, and strong muscles to support you through all the stages that are to come.

2. Pregnant

Whether you've already been doing pilates, or are just looking to start, now is an excellent time to get into a good reformer pilates routine. As your body starts to change, limitations crop up with what you can and cannot do. By working with a physiotherapist, you will be able to continue to get stronger and fitter in a safe and controlled environment. You will know that you are looking after your baby at all times, and you will be helping yourself post-baby too! You will also be strengthening your posture, which can quickly fall into bad habits during pregnancy with the added stress on your body.

3. Post-Pregnancy

Always listen to your doctor following your birth for safe return-to-exercise time frames, but once you are given the all clear then get back into pilates with a physiotherapist (or start if you haven't - like we said, there is never a bad time to start!). Your body has just gone through some pretty amazing changes, and your physiotherapist is well-briefed to help you get back to where you were in an appropriate time frame. Reformer pilates will help to re-strengthen your pelvic floor and deep abdominal muscles, which have gone through a bit over the past 9 months. Reformer pilates will also help to build strength in your arms, back, and postural muscles - all of which are getting a brand new type of workout by carrying around your new bundle of joy.

So if you're currently pregnant, looking to get pregnant or have just had a baby - then reformer pilates can help you! Our physio's have seen many women throughout their pregnancies, and love helping women through the process.

Book in to see one of our physio's today - book online here or call us on (08) 9448 2994!

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