Back To School - A Mature-Aged Tale

Our very own guru physio/co-owner/boss extraordinaire Cara-Lee has returned to study at the ripe old age of 30years old. What’s it like dusting off the cobwebs and going back to school? Read on for an insight into her first week back at school!

Naturopathy has always been something I’ve been very interested in. Even though I come from a scientific, evidence-based-practice background in physiotherapy there has always been a large amount of the western medical system that I disagree with. So when the opportunity to study Naturopathy popped up again, I jumped at it. Having worked as a physiotherapist (and absolutely loved it) for the better part of 7 years, my mind was starting to feel a little rusty and ready to take on something new. Luckily I’m blessed with the best business partner in the world who had no qualms with re-shuffling the schedule to ensure I could fit in a full-time study schedule. So here I am. Back-pack on, fresh new diary and stationary (Oh my!) and a bucket-load of enthusiasm. The experience of my first week went a little something like this..

Day 1: They have a coffee cart in place. Thank goodness for that. I’m not going to pretend I wasn’t a bit worried that perhaps they may take this Health college thing just a tad too far and not have hard caffeine. I’m all for kombucha and tea tonics (which they have!) but I refuse to give up coffee – I’m only human, leave me with my vice.

End of Day 1: (only half a day) I’m amped. Stoked. Everyone here is so nice. It’s cool going to a health college – students are quite like-minded. Biochemistry is ok. I love that they have free tea and sell Pana chocolate. This is going to be fun.

Day 2: (Full day at the clinic- no college). It’s been a flat out day but so productive. Work has been great and busy and I’ve managed to prepare my notes for my lectures tomorrow. I love being organised. I’m ready for tomorrow. My brain is a bit tired.

Day 3: (full day at college) MY BRAIN! I forgot what it felt like to learn something new. I’m exhausted. I’m proud that I only had two coffees today. (Had nothing to do with the fact that the coffee cart closed at 11.30am.) It was a bit of a struggle switching off my old-school scientific mind with some concepts today so my brain hurts a bit. This is good though – I needed to get my brain sweating again.

Day 4: (full day at the clinic) I’ve taken out my books three times to start on lecture notes for next week and then put them back. I had a great time getting my coffee this morning and bumped into 4 different clients/locals. I love chatting to people. I should probably do some work. And some study. I’m not going to do either. I deserve a day off. Or at least a morning off. My brain needs a break.

……. what have I done?

Day 5: (full day at College) ok, I survived my first week. I’m pretty exhausted. And my two online subjects only start next week. I may have over-estimated my capacity to handle life. BUT. I am all for challenging oneself. What is life if you don’t get a bit of a brain sweat every now and again? Am I right…. I think so….I can do this.

Where’s that coffee cart.

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