Gym Workouts To Improve Your Surfing

There are so many surf-strength and surf- specific gym workouts out there that promise to help you shred harder, faster and look cooler whilst doing it than any other maverick out there. But do these workouts really help? Is it really more beneficial than just spending time in the water?

You will get so many different points of view and opinions on this matter so it really comes down to realising what works best for YOU.

My personal opinion is that, YES, a land program can be very beneficial for a lot of surfers. This is for a number of reasons:

  1. It’s a great way to work on any weaknesses. If you struggle with ankle mobility or core strength, it’s far easier to work on these areas specifically out of the water

  2. Improving areas like glut strength and power can come about from lots of time in the water, but it does need the right conditions to really get the strength benefits. It’s easy to train on land for these strength gains and then utilise them when out carving down the line.

  3. Mobility is super important when it comes to surfing technique and power production and there’s not much mobility (if any) that you do when out on the board. So spending time in the gym stretching and opening up the body is paramount.

All in all, time in the water will improve your surfing more than anything else will HOWEVER it does rely on (the very unreliable) ocean. You can’t surf if there aren’t any waves. So having a back-up plan for when nature isn’t playing ball or for when you need a bit of time to dry out or for when you start to notice those weaknesses out on the water is, in my opinion, not a bad idea at all.

Some basic stretches to get started on:

  1. Hip flexor opening stretch

  2. Anterior deltoid/hip flexor stretch

  3. Scorpion pec stretch

  4. Single lunge power jumps

  5. Low side lunges

  6. Hip taps (side plank)

  7. Superman burpees

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