Confessions of a Kook

There comes a bit of pressure owning a water-sport specific physio clinic. Everyone expects you to be able to carve, stomp and get bigger air than them. Or is that just my own expectation? I want to talk the talk and walk the walk. Ideally, better than you. But the truth of the matter is that, whilst I dabble in wakeboarding, wake-surfing, surfing, kiting, skating, snowboarding and am always looking to add to the list, I am definitely not blowing anything out of the park, with any of those sports. I understand them all in the movements required and the body parts loaded and could talk you through the basic movements and why your shoulder may be hurting when you do a handle pass behind your back, but landing a wake to wake? Being confident to skate down the smallest decline after my hill disaster and managing to stay on my board whilst paddling (in fairness, I was out of wax…) – these are just a few of the basics that I struggle with. And it almost makes me want to avoid getting out in the water for fear of showing people just how much of a kook I am.

The bottom line though, is that I LOVE being in the water, kook and all. I’m that girl flailing around with a huge grin on her face. I love frothing off so many different types of board-sports, and I’m ok with the fact that I’m not fabulous at any of them. We all have to start at the bottom and that may just be where we finish. I AM fabulous at fixing the body however and I understand the frustration that comes with not being able to get in the water – no matter your level of skill- we all froth the same, right?

So even though I may not understand how the scoring for surf comps work (I mean…really?! Is there a structure to the damn thing?!), or who the current wakeboarding champ is or the fact that I don’t ride unhooked….I have enough enthusiasm to hold a conversation with you about how good it makes you feel when you’re in the water doing your thing. And I can and will get you back on the water, doing what you love, as quickly as possible.

So here’s to me and my kook-state and my goal to continue to froth and get amped to be out in the water, no matter the conditions. And here’s to you, for spreading your stoke, for forming this community with me of like-minded individuals, of different levels and abilities but all with the one thing in common that gets us up at 4.30am in the morning.


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