Emotions From A Waiting Room

I STRONGLY dislike waiting. I detest it really. I don’t like waiting for results, for something to arrive, for an appointment. I REALLY don’t like waiting when I had made plans for a specified time, because I plan my day pretty much to a T. If I plan on meeting someone for a coffee at 4.30pm, I will plan on getting work, chores and my to-do list ticked off before then and will have planned to the hour what I have to do after that. Heaven forbid if you keep me waiting. I WILL have my coffee take-away.

So perhaps you can understand how much I STRONGLY detest GP clinics. I am yet to go to a clinic that runs on time. I don’t like sitting in a room with a TV blaring and 10 other people waiting (probably sick – are you contagious? Should I be sitting that close to you? Ewwww I’m sure that sneeze just covered me in miniscule snot particles). Where do you think you’re going Mavis? I got here 20 mins before you and I KNOW you’re going to take 30mins to explain to your GP why your foot is itchy. OK, I love old people really. I just get super grumpy when I’m made to wait. And being grumpy stresses me out. I can feel myself getting sicker as I sit here. Just come and get me already.

Really though, what are you doing??!!

I understand. Truly I do. I know you get patients who may take longer to explain what’s going on. Or who may be super complicated. I understand that you can’t rush your appointments because that would be downright rude and I’m sure I’d probably moan about that if you did. But 45mins late. COME ON. I have some sweet potato that aint gonna roast itself you know…

However I have accepted that going to the GP's will always involve some sort of wait. Just like the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, my 3pm appointment is realistically going to be at least at 3:30pm. So, I have developed a few strategies to reduce my irritation about the wait time, so next time you're stuck, try one (or all) of these:

  • Take a book – use this time to catch up on some reading

  • Call prior to your appointment to see how late your doctor is running

  • Use this time to catch up on the pile of phone calls/text messages and emails that have accumulated during the day

  • Take your laptop and write a blog, channelling your anger. I’ve heard it can be quite therapeutic.

*STOKE PHYSIO WOULD LIKE IT NOTED THAT WE UNDERSTAND THE ANNOYANCE OF WAITING TIMES AND THUS ENSURE THAT RUNNING ON TIME IS A PRIORITY IN OUR CLINIC. There is no need to call prior to your session as our therapists are known for running on time.

Is that too passive aggressive? I don’t mean it be angry. I think I’m just a bit fired up right now…

Oh hi Doctor. Not a problem at all, I don’t mind waiting.

Thanks, I’ll come on in.

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