Do You Ever Just...Stop?

WOAH. Back that train up.

Sit with me a second.

Take a deeeeep breath in.

Now let it out…WHOOOOOSSHH

Let your shoulders relax.


Hello :)

How are you?

Think again for a second. How are you REALLY? Push that default answer away and have a good, hard think. How do you really feel? Are you tired? Happy? Stressed? Motivated? All of the above?

How are you?

I’m tired. I’m motivated. I’m happy and grateful. I’m emotional. I’m busy. I’m curious.

I’m a lot of things, every minute of every day, but so often the overriding emotion is tiredness. And no wonder. Look at all those feels felt. Do you ever stop? Do you ever ease up to catch your breath and go “WOW. I’m killing this life thing, but I think I need to woo up for second”? Do you ever feel the need to slow down?

Do you ever act on it?

So much emphasis is put on keeping busy, on exercising, on cooking properly, on doing the best every day in your work-life, your home life, your personal development. Even ‘downtime’ involves doing yoga or watching a movie or reading a book or scrolling through instagram….’DOING’ something. Man, don’t you ever just want to sit on the couch and eat a mango? Or just sit and gaze into nothing, letting your thoughts run rampant? Or stare at the ocean mesmerised by the waves?

TRY IT. I dare you.

For once, make stopping and sitting still a priority. Can you even sit still? Can you turn off your phone and switch off the TV, turn off the stove, hide away from the kids and just sit in silence for 15mins. Are you a bit scared? Is your mind thinking of a million things you could/should be doing instead? Is it taking you places you don’t want to be taken. Making you think of things you are so good at avoiding when you are constantly busy. Darn mind, clever little thing.

You need this. You need time to just sit and absorb life. To let your mind roll and weave and stumble. To allow your heart to expand as you take a second to think about this amazing life that you’re living. About the beauty of something as simple as a sunset. About how grateful you are to be here, to be alive, to have the capacity to love. You need this and it’s in your power to take it and make it happen.

Stop and sit still.

How are you?

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