Why Group Fitness Is The Way To Go If You're Not Motivated To Workout

Are you struggling to get out for your morning run? Or think you could be pushing a bit harder in your strength workout, but just can't seem to? Perhaps it's time you thought about joining a group fitness class instead of working out on your own! Here are my top 3 reasons why group fitness is so great.

1. Variety

There is literally a group class for any activity you can think of. Want to try boxing? There is a group class specifically for boxing technique, or one that involves a mix of cardio and boxing. A fan of running? Join a running club! Want to do cool things on bars or rings? Gymnastics and calisthenics classes are taking off right now. If you can think of it, there is a class for it, and so many of them have "first class free" offers and trials so you really have nothing to lose by giving it a go!

2. You'll Push Yourself Harder

When you're surrounding by a group of people all doing the same exercises, all pushing themselves, you're bound to push yourself more. Whether you get competitive, or just get inspired by everyone giving it their all, you're going to push yourself harder and do more reps than you thought you could do.

3. You'll Make Friends

This is probably the best part about working out in a group environment. You're surrounded by likeminded people who are all struggling and pushing through the same workout, and it's an automatic bonding point. I've made some very good friends in group classes that started out a simple eye roll at each other when the instructor told us we had to do ANOTHER round!

Those are my top 3 reasons, but there are many more perks to working out in a group class. Give it a go today, and let us know your favourite classes!

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