What To Look For In a Fitness Trainer

So, you’re looking at improving your fitness? Or just wanting to try something new? One of the things that I’ve found that can turn an average workout into an excellent experience is the coach.

These are the people who are specifically there to motivate, encourage and push you, in an environment where you feel safe. A bad coach can lead to people simply dropping out of their classes, however an excellent coach can really change lives.

So, what should you look for in a coach?

1. Initial Impression

How do they interact with the clients before the class starts? Are they amongst everyone, chatting and answering questions? Or are they racing around trying to finish setting up before the class starts in 3 minutes? How a coach before and after a class is a clear indicator of how they'll be as a coach. You want someone who is easily approachable, likes answering questions and is there to give you the best experience that they can.

2. Coaching Style

Some people love being yelled at, bootcamp style. Some people hate that with a passion and will go into their shells at the merest raised voice. Neither is better or worse than the other, but you need to find someone who’s style really drives you to work your hardest.

3. Availability

The best coach in the world is not going to make a difference if you actually can’t get to their classes. If you love their style, and are really set on working out with them, maybe see if they do private training outside of their class times. If that’s not an option, tell them what’s going on and ask if there is anyone they could refer you to like them .The fitness industry thrives on word of mouth referrals, so chances are very high that they’ll know someone!

So go on - get out there and find someone who motivates you to give it your all!

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