What I've Learnt: Not Being a Physio, in a Physio Practice

Every time someone asks what I do, and I tell them that I own a physio practice, they automatically assume that I am a physio. What ensues is the explanation that no, I’m actually not a physio. My business partner and Stoke co-owner Cara-Lee is the guru physio – I do the marketing and accounts side, while also dabbling in some pilates teaching (I completed my STOTT course last year).

I have worked in the physio industry for 5 years in a few admin-style roles, from reception to operations management to now this, and over that time I’ve picked up on a few recurring things that the general population really need to know, straight from the front line:

  1. Your physio only has your best interests at heart. As much as I love all the clients that come into the clinic, myself, along with Cara-Lee and the rest of the team would love it if we never saw you through our doors again – because it would mean that you’re fixed and moving right! This being said, they will never recommend sessions that you don’t need, or give you any misleading advice to keep you here longer – we want you fixed as quickly as you do, and your physio will always recommend the best course of action to get you there.

  2. So much of what people come in for can be remedied by exercise. The majority of the clients we see come in for a couple of hands on sessions (i.e. massage/dry-needling/etc), and then quickly progress to exercise-based re-training. That’s because exercise, and staying strong and healthy, really does keep you in optimal shape and your body working how it is best designed to. You may think that doing a few home exercises won't really change that much, but trust us, it will help immensely.

  3. Strengthen your butt and core. Again, so many injuries stem from these two areas being weak! Not sure how? Ask your physio for some good home or gym-based exercises, and we’ll never see you for that bad back again!

  4. Your shoulder pain could be due to poor foot biomechanics. Not even joking. Our bodies are seriously cool when you think about how everything is connected, and just because you're feeling pain somewhere does not mean that the real root of the problem lies in that area. You may wonder why your back pain treatment plan includes exercise for your glutes and core, but not your back - this is why!

  5. Lastly, your attitude dictates how well your treatment plan is going to work. This little nugget comes from seeing clients from all walks of life, all with varying attitudes. Those that come in with a positive view of what they're going to get, and who take on their physio's advice with an open mind, always succeed. Even if they may be sceptical, if they take their physio's advice on board then they are quick to return to their best. Those who come in with a negative attitude, who will only "believe it when they see the results" are sadly unlikely to see the same kind of results. It may sound hippy, but mindset truly is everything when it comes to how your body moves and behaves.

Plus a million more little life lessons (including that banana bread fixes basically all ailments*)

*not scientifically proven and probably won't be in your treatment plan.

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