Are You In A Fitness Rut?

I think it's pretty safe to say that we've all been in some sort of fitness rut. Whether you just suddenly seem to lack the energy, or the motivation, or the weather turns or your friend stops going - sometimes it's just HARD to get motivated to work out.

For myself, over the past few years, I have identified a certain cycle to my fitness regime.

  1. Find something I love

  2. Go all out for a few months

  3. Get distracted by work/life/etc, and subsequently slow down

  4. Get re-energised when I realise I’m still paying good money/have a holiday coming up

  5. Try a new workout (“just one class…”)

  6. Realise that I now love THIS style of working out

  7. Go all out for a few months….and repeat!

You get the picture! Like so many people out there, my fitness routine isn’t the same week in, week out. I’m human, and I get bored, tired, find excuses, get distracted, and more! But I DO always come back to some form of exercise, because I know my body loves it and I know how good I feel from it.

So, what to do if you think you’re in a fitness rut? All you need to do is the following two things, and you can get yourself out of that rut and back into your regime!

1. Identify WHY you’re not feeling your current work out game plan

Is it because waking up at 5am isn’t working well, considering you’re only getting to bed at 11pm? Is it because you don’t have friends going to the class with you, or on your morning run? Is it because you’ve been doing the same thing, 5 times a week, for the past year? Or alternatively, because you only started it a week ago?

Ask yourself, honestly, WHY you’re not feeling it. There are no bad reasons, we all get bored and lazy ;)

2. Figure out HOW to change it!

And it really is that simple.

5am workout class not suited to your sleep schedule? Find somewhere you can workout after work instead, or even on your lunch break.

No friends in the class? Reach out to people in the class, or bring a friend along (you know they’ll love it afterwards, you swear!)

Been doing the same thing for a year? It might just be time for a change! Try that new pilates class, boxing circuit or bootcamp instead! Changing up your workout is a good way to get re-energised, get new muscles working and make new friends.

Only started it a week ago? Be patient and give it TIME!

Working out is good for your mind, body and soul – and while it’s hard to get into new routines and habits, it is easy (and normal!) to fall out of them too. Just make sure you’re keeping it fun and you’ll be on the right path!

So go on – try that new class today!

Do you have a niggling ache or pain? Book in to see one of our physio's today - book online here or call us on (08) 9448 2994!

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