Swimming Shoulders - Open Water Swimming

Open water swim season is upon us! The weather has warmed up and we are throwing ourselves into the deliciously cool and salty water and start getting back into those regular swims. Our poor little shoulders are going to go from having spent the winter rugged up, supporting the weight of our tea mug and fuzzy jumper to rotation after rotation over our head as we clock up our freestyle hours. To prevent overuse injuries that are bound to occur at the start of the season, try these DYNAMIC shoulder stretches to keep your shoulders strong and mobile! A quick note here – dynamic stretching has far more evidence supporting its’ efficacy than static stretching. Static stretching can actually be detrimental to certain shoulders, as, contrary to old beliefs, excessive shoulder range is NOT a pre-requisite for correct swimming technique and injury prevention.

Try these moves below before hopping into the ocean:

OWS (open water swimming) WA have a great series of swims coming up, so if you aren’t already involved, look into that as it’s a fantastic community event (plus we’ll be there giving out massages at every event- come say hi!)

Suffering from shoulder pain? Book in to see one of our physio's today! Book online here, or call us on (08) 9448 2994.

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