New Year, New You...Again?!

It’s that time of year again. The start of the year! The time to set those new year resolutions! Get back in the gym! Start eating healthily again! Save money! Set new goals!

Are you rolling your eyes or are you amped?!

I know so many people get frustrated with the New Year Resolution Fad and think people silly for using this time of year to re-motivate themselves, only to find it all falling to the wayside in a month or two. Personally I LOVE this time of year. I love getting a jump start to setting some new goals. I love that it comes after Christmas time when you’ve eaten too much, you’ve slothed around, you’ve socialised, you’ve taken out shares in the Cider industry. I always feel well and truly ready to get back on track as soon as Jan 1 comes around. So forget those nay-sayers. So what if you set some grand goals and by Feb you’ve already forgotten your pact to go to the gym x5 times/ week, at least you had that little fire burning in you enough to re-focus you for that month – right?! RIGHT!

But…just incase you wanted to, I don’t know, show those nay-sayers something (Not that your resolutions should have anything to do with anyone else), then I’ve come up with a few tips I’ve learnt over the years that can help you stick to your new year resolutions ….or for those of you who are adamant not to be a New Year Reso Junkie, then how about you wait a month and set some new goals then – these will still be applicable ;)

1. Calm the Farm

I learn this one over and over. Calm. The Farm. You don’t have to be a pro triathlete by Feb. You don’t have to hit the gym 7days a week. And you don’t have to eat 100% perfectly every single day of every single week. For goodness sake, we’re only human. Be human!!! Be more realistic with your goals, even undersell your goals, so that when you do more than you planned you’ll feel like you’re over-achieving rather than ‘failing’! (right?!! I know. You’re welcome)

2. Spread the love

OK, so I am naturally a huge goal-setting fiend. I love goals. I love having things to work towards and focus my attention on, otherwise I feel like I just float along aimlessly not getting anywhere close to owning life as much as I have the potential too. Another of my favourite tips is to set goals across all the different areas in your life. So rather than only saying “I’m going to exercise every day no matter what”. Set some broad subject goals. 1) health (this can involve exercise and diet 2) family/friends – e.g. catch up with 2 friends every week. 3) Work (e.g compliment every colleague) 4) Finances 5) Spirituality 6) Love life etc – pick whatever you like! and then get more specific in each of them. This helps you learn to be a bit more realistic with your goals when it’s spread across all the main aspects of your life. Who doesn’t want to be a wonderfully, well-rounded individual constantly improving on every area of their life?!

3. Set a timeline

SET A DATE! When do you plan to achieve these by? Is it an ongoing thing? If so, when are you going to sit down and reassess? There’s no point setting all your lovely goals just to dust your hands off, feel chuffed as all heck and then put your diary away on the bookshelf until Jan next year. Make a plan. Are you going to work on all the different areas and re-evaluate at the end of Jan to see how you’re going? You may realise that walking at the beach every other day isn’t quite doing it for you, so you want to change that to going for a dip instead. You may find you realised an area of your life you’d really like to work on a bit more so want to sit down and add that in. Your goals should be pliable. You should continue to change and mould them as you continue to grow and change. They need to sit right with you. This requires constant readjustment.

4. Do it on the daily

I’m going to share one final tip that goes hand in hand with #3. Write down your goals and look at them every day. In the morning ideally before you start your day. Or when you’re in bed at the end of the day. Remind yourself of your goals. Remind yourself that today you plan on expressing gratitude. That you plan on organising a catch up with one friend you haven’t seen in a while. That this week you’re going to try a new recipe so maybe you’ll plan that for Wed this week. Why? Because life gets in the way. Before you wake up and think of the million small things in your day that you need to do and achieve, think of the big goals that should be guiding your every move. Think of the big goals that you’ve set yourself to get one step closer to being the person you really, TRULY, want to be. You’re in control of your life Homie, so take control.

Peace and here’s to the most epic of years! YEW

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