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You're used to us sticking needles in your legs, massaging knots out of your neck and making you sweat on the pilates reformer. We know your goals, your history and (most likely) the name of your dog. You get put at the mercy of the Stoke staff on a regular basis so we only thought it fair to switch roles and let you have a crack at getting to know us a bit more. Here goes....


Name: Clay

Origin: Toronto, Canada

What did you want to be when you grew up? Flip-flopped back and forth between a vet and firefighter.

Coffee order: Varies day-to-day

Favourite saying: “The only mistake you can make is if you stand still.” (It’s from a song about dancing but I always thought it was a good metaphor for life)

Favourite meal out: Nothing beats a good burger.

Ideal vacation: My life really feels like a big vacation right now but if I had the chance I’d love to get to Bali and climb Mt. Rinjani.

Most recent injury and how'd it happen: Nothing serious. Some overuse knee issues that were a good reminder to get back into an exercise regime and practice what I preach!

Biggest fear: Not a huge fan of heights

Goal for 2016: Get into surfing regularly and meet some cool new people around Perth!

Strange habit? ALL of my joints crack. Once I’ve cracked one I need to crack all the rest. (Don’t worry, I’ll make sure I do it when you’re not around)

Biggest cravings: Pop. I can’t have it around without drinking it immediately.

What do you do to keep fit: Gym, hiking, climbing and touch rugby at the moment. I’m usually up for anything active and outdoors!

Do you have any holidays coming up this year? Nothing planned but there’s tons of WA I’d love to explore

Favourite movie: Die Hard. Yippie ki-yay!

Best bit of advice: I’m a firm believer in the saying “exercise is medicine”

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