End of Year Review - 2016

2016 – What a year!

Where to start….Well, half way through 2016 we found Stoke celebrating our 1st birthday with a casual little shindig at the clinic in North Beach with an unexpectedly wonderful turn out, which cemented the fact that we have absolutely the best clients around!

Our (and most of our clients’) favourite member of staff – Merly – unfortunately had to leave us for greener pastures (or Canberra) much to her delight. We continue to get snapchats of her frolicking through the Canberra mud with pure delight. We also parted ways with our wonderful receptionist Ali who we hope will be around again in the future, particularly as Simon's guitar skills have taken a hit without the guru around and the overall presentation and appeal of staff members has diminished drastically. It’s back to looking at our ugly mugs instead...apologies. We don’t get as many snapchats of Ali frolicking in any mud.

Simon also played in his first WAFL Grand Final (don't ask him how it went...it's still too soon) and also survived the subsequent BOYS BOYS BOYS footy trip to Bali. We, along with his parents, were happy to see him home in one piece. Before that, 2016 saw the golden boy recovering from the moonboot experience (see how he coped here!) and a shoulder injury too. And he wasn't the only staff member needing a bit of mending...

It looked like I had finally shaken the jinx that gave me multiple cracked ribs last year (jinx...or wakeboarding...), until a few weeks ago when a skateboarding mishap resulted in a torn quad. Oops!

Tully wasn't forgotten on the injury front either, suffering recurrent episodes of whiplash from all his time upside down in the handstand position.

Claire and Kate have been the responsible team members, staying relatively injury free (so far so good – touch wood) and observing from the injury-free sidelines.

As a whole though, we can confidently say that we have spent 2016 doing our utmost to get into our client’s shoes for a complete understanding of both sides to the injured story. We have learnt the following:

  • We give great advice

  • We don’t always follow said great advice

  • Not following our great advice definitely results in a delayed healing process. We know this. Yet still…

  • We have a totally different view on pain killers and anti-inflammatories when in the ‘injured-patient’ seat.

  • We are our own worse clients.

What can you learn from this? Do as we say, not as we do. But know that we shall now sympathize just a tiny bit with you when you come back and tell us you haven’t done your homework. Only a tiny bit. Just the once. Then we’ll move on.

We started off our summer group classes with grand excitement at the start of October, only to realise that summer hadn’t quite caught on to our plans and decided to have a late start. So we have put our early morning 6am sessions off until the start of next year when we can rely on beach workouts without our toes freezing off. Our small group circuit classes (which are inside, away from seasonal tantrums) have been a huge hit – with Claire & Simon having as much fun, if not more, than the participants.

Summer time generally means EVENT time for us- with kitesurfing, open water swim and wakeboarding comp season all taking off. Our mischief making has been at an all-time low due to spending most weekends at one event or another, massage table and gazebo in tow. It perhaps hasn’t started off on quite the foot we wanted, with most events to date so far being cancelled (half way through) due to poor weather. On rather a few occasions we have made the decision to pack up and go home an hour into an event, usually due to things such as the roof of our gazebo getting blown off, our stock (and selves) being soaked through and fingers being too numb to feel the bodies we’re meant to be massaging. I feel we are soon to be coined the drowned rats as that seems to be our state whenever out at events of late. But onward and upward ey?

This year has also taught us that being in front of a camera is not our strong point. Filming a short advice segment for Surfing Life gave Kate and I the absolute giggles, whilst Simon and I have learnt we can barely even look at each other without grinning like evil kenevil during meetings and training sessions. And let’s not even get started on how long it took to take a normal group photo of the Stoke Crew (apart from Tully who held his Blue Steel gaze for an impressively long time without flinching..)

Claire and Tully have both fit into the Stoke Crew seamlessly and have caused us to once again, tap ourselves on the back for our great hiring abilities. The Stoke team make coming into work an absolute pleasure and we spend far more of our days in crying hysterics than in any other state, which I think is a pretty good way to spend your work day. With clients who feel like family, a team we love to be around and the beach just one street away, this little crew is frothing off life at the moment.

THANKS 2016! You’ve been a blast!

Bring on 2017

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