GROIN STRAINS – The nitty gritty on this annoying injury

If you’ve suffered from groin strains in the past, you know how frustrating they are. Better for a bit then one big cut back and it’s back bugging you again and generally taking FOREVER to heal! Are you feeling me?

These injuries are one of the more annoying ones to have, mainly because of their mechanism of injury – they don’t tear from a simple overstretch but more commonly occur from the muscles trying to work really hard whilst it’s on stretch. Think a quick change in direction, using your back foot to kick the board around behind you as your body rotates or kicking a footy. So generally the tears are a bit messier as more force goes into them occurring. On top of that, the area where the adductor (or groin) muscles attach has a really poor blood supply and a really high nerve supply – which makes for sloooooow recovery and high pain levels!

Top all of that off with the fact that most of us try rush getting back into our sport and this acute (short-term) problem very quickly becomes a chronic (long-term) problem!

So what can we do to prevent ourselves from suffering from this injury and how can we improve our recovery rate?!

Groin strength, groin tightness and those with previous groin injury are the most predisposed to getting recurrent groin strains. To counter this, incorporating regular strength and stretching into your regular training regime is a must.

Try adding lateral and cross lunges (below) into your regime, do side-to-side and change in direction work and basic adductor (groin) squeezes to keep the strength up.

If you’ve just hurt yourself for the first time – go see your physio NOW – if you get onto it straight away you are FAR less likely to suffer from ongoing issues and be back in the water/playing your sport before you know it.

If you’ve had recurrent groin strains for a while now get onto a plan that STOPS your activity and gradually reintroduces it when you’re ready (when you feel ready, wait another week or two and then introduce the next stage). This is one injury that we have to be extra cautious and overly patient with and one in which, if chronic, we will stop your sport until you can achieve certain exercises pain free. Otherwise it just won’t heal.

Don’t spend hours and seasons suffering from this annoying injury. Get on top of it properly from the get go so you can continue to perform at your best.

Does this sound like something you have, or have had before? Book online here to see one of our physio's today, or call us on (08) 9448 2994.

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