5 Essential Items For Your Next Surf Trip

So the next group surf trip is looming as you’re starting to get in a few paddles, trying to increase your fitness and perhaps trying to get on top of that latest niggle before you fly away. Well, before you chuck the last few things in your bag, make sure you check these handy items off your list to ensure you get the most out of your trip.

  1. Trigger Point Ball This nifty little device is similar to a spikey ball, but firmer and without the spikes (our favourite brand are these). This ball is fantastic to use to get into those trigger points (aka knots) on the top of the gluts, around the shoulders, the pecs and (gently) the muscles either side of the spine. All these areas are culprit areas for causing pain and restriction after days of shredding like you’re the Slater. Plus side is they easily fit into your travel bag too!

  1. Theraband This band can be used for far more than the requisite shoulder rehab exercises. (Chances are, if you’ve ever hurt your shoulder, you’ll know what I’m talking about.) HOWEVER, I’m not talking about tucking this little band in with your socks for the strength side of things, rather the band is a great way to assist in opening and lengthening a number of areas of the body.

  2. Holding either side of the band and gently pulling sides apart to maintain a bit of tension, keep arms straight and take your arms up over your head and then down behind you, as far as is comfortable. This is a fantastic way to work on shoulder mobility to prevent issues from not enough movement in this area.

  3. Lie on your back with one leg flat on the floor (or bent if more comfortable) and the band looped around the other foot. Straighten your leg up towards the ceiling and work on relaxing into the hamstring stretch whilst gently using the band to pull your foot towards your head.

  1. Notebook Men, don’t blanche. Surfing holds an almost meditative quality to it, and I can guarantee (even after following up an excellent sunset session with a couple of Bintang's) that creativity will flow and this is when you’ll come up with brand new ideas for the house, or career options or goals for the next year. Keep a little notebook at hand to jot down some of these free-flowing thoughts or even just to doodle in. Let the mind run rampant and then jot it all down.

  2. A friend who is nifty with a camera I often encourage trying to leave all technology behind so that you can fully

enjoy being in the ocean and on holiday without the distraction of finding out what surfmanic456 is doing on Instagram. Having said that, there’s nothing better than video footage to see what areas you need to work on and why you may be constantly getting tight and sore in that right hip. If you have a friend who is happy to do the video-ing for you all holiday = best of both worlds!

  1. Finally, make sure you view this video (and practice it before leaving) for a great strength and mobility warm up to do before you hop in the water. Peace homies.

If you are off on a surfing trip, or just an avid surfer, book in to see one of our physiotherapist's today to get any aches, pains or questions sorted - we want you to be spending as much time as possible catching waves! Book in online here, or call us on (08) 9448 2994 for some good surf physio!

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