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You're used to us sticking needles in your legs, massaging knots out of your neck and making you sweat on the pilates reformer. We know your goals, your history and (most likely) the name of your dog. You get put at the mercy of the Stoke staff on a regular basis so we only thought it fair to switch roles and let you have a crack at getting to know us a bit more. Here goes....


Name: Alison or Ali

Origin: Born in Canberra, Australia - but Croatian background on my dad’s side

What did you want to be when you grew up? I aalways knew I wanted to be doing something involving helping people

Coffee order: Skinny flat white

Favourite saying: “Those who stand for nothing, fall for anything”

Favourite meal out: Can’t go past a good pizza (with pineapple!) or a spicy curry

Ideal vacation: I’m not too fussy - Anywhere new and exciting with different cultures to experience and landscapes to see. Planning an extended trip to Europe when I finish my degree and I wouldn’t mind heading to Japan to see the mountains and snow at some point too

Most recent injury and how'd it happen: Pulled my intercostal muscles after fighting off a nasty virus a few months back and general bumps and bruises from being an overly clumsy individual

Biggest fear: Confined spaces and big waves

Goal for 2016: Finish my 3rd year of my occupational therapy degree and save up some money for a holiday at the end of the year

Strange habit? Not really strange – but I always like to make people laugh – even if that involves making jokes in awkward situations and making it even more awkward

Biggest cravings (treat): I crave constant naps but food-wise, home made crepes with strawberry jam or Nutella on crumpets are my go to

What do you do to keep fit: Walking my pup around the lake or along the coast (Pomeranian-cross called Bailey) or doing group classes with a friend

Do you have any holidays coming up this year? Most likely venturing to Thailand at the end of the year for a few weeks

Favourite movie: Pans Labyrinth or anything with Leonardo DiCaprio

Best bit of advice: Be kind to yourself, trust your intuition and keep positive with everything that you do – even when things are crap or people are being hurtful – no one can be mean to a happy face :)

Book in to see one of our physio's today, and say hi to Ali on the front desk when you come in - click here or call us on 9448 2994!


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