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You're used to us sticking needles in your legs, massaging knots out of your neck and making you sweat on the pilates reformer. We know your goals, your history and (most likely) the name of your dog. You get put at the mercy of the Stoke staff on a regular basis so we only thought it fair to switch roles and let you have a crack at getting to know us a bit more. Here goes....


Name: Claire (with The Hair)

Origin: Port Lincoln, SA (the expansiveness and coastline of WA and North Beach is so familiar!)

What did you want to be when you grew up? As a kid, a Florist and a Hairdresser... now, a clown

Coffee order: Flat White

Favourite saying: "Do you feel as gorgeous on the inside?"

Favourite meal out: Anything (picnic, BBQ, restaurant, or home-cooked) that involves sharing dishes with great company, enjoying the journey to the bottom of a bottle of good wine.

Ideal vacation: Being active in "the nature" (as a European might say)... cycling or sailing to/through a place... travelling, not tourist-ing... accompanied by a buddy to go "Yeeee Hahhhh!" with.

Most recent injury and how'd it happen: March 2016 shoulder strain: kiting a southerly at Leighton's (gusty much?!) coming through the shorebreak, I was reefed by the kite = full body slam onto the sand. No-one saw that, right?!

Biggest fear: Having regrets.

Goal for 2016: Do my best, not make assumptions, try not to take things personally, be impeccable with my word.

Strange habit? Twirling my hair when tired.

Biggest cravings (treat): Hot chips, triple cooked :) Life is too short for dud chips.

What do you do to keep fit: Dancing at No Lights No Lycra (not what you might imagine!), cycling, yoga.

Do you have any holidays coming up this year? Aiming for The Netherlands (or somewhere in the world) to meet up with a best friend via a visit to my sister in Hong Kong.

Favourite movie: Don't do all-time lists, but recently.... The Brand New Testament (a Belgian comedy about a girl with a powerful father who escapes to collect disciples and writes her own testament.)

Best bit of advice: "You can go anywhere with an upturned collar and some lippy"

Book in to see Claire today - click here or call us on 9448 2994!


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