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Simon is back at it again, and today he's given you the low down on a few of the most common surfboards out there today. What's your pick?

Beater The coolest new toy in surfing is the Beater. It is a foam designed, slightly longer version of a body board with two fins that allows for some real fun when the surf isn’t exactly pumping like you would like it to. Unless you are Jamie O’Brien who surfs these at Pipeline for fun, the beater is designed to get the most out of those sloppy, small beach break days when your normal board would be too serious. Paddle friendly and buoyant, get your hands on one of these for next summer!

Performance Short Board

Pretty much the go-to board for your general conditions when the surf is good, but not huge. Something that you can carve and turn but also throw into the air if you are good enough to do so. This will be the board that you most likely take with you on your surf trips if you had to only choose one board from your quiver.


The pick of the bunch when you are imagining coming out of the ocean saying the session was just ‘a bit of a fun.’ The surf in that small to medium range, maybe a bit sloppy and you want something that is more buoyant and fast but that you can still turn and manoeuvre. These boards carry extra volume proportionate to their slightly shorter size i.e. they are shorter, fatter and wider.

SUP (Stand Up Paddle board)

Hasn’t this form of surfing taken off in recent years! Ever since Laird Hamilton started riding one at Teahupo’o a few years back, every man and his dog (sometimes literally dogs have been riding SUP’s) has taken a liking to it. I am not a massive fan of trying to surf these in Perth’s metropolitan surf breaks simply because they are cumbersome and harder to control for beginners and we don’t have waves that accommodate. However, they are really good for completely flat summer days when there is little to no surf and you still wanted to get out into the water for some paddling/exercise.

Mal/Mini Mal/Traditional Foamie

This is your weapon of choice for those waves that are more gentle and rolling through. Places in Perth metro area such as Mettams and Cottesloe reefs generally lend themselves to a higher population of longboard riders. Sometimes it is just fun to get out on the longer board and play around with foot positioning and mix up your surfing! The bonus of these boards is you can paddle onto anything and ride waves that other boards can’t.

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