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You're used to us sticking needles in your legs, massaging knots out of your neck and making you sweat on the pilates reformer. We know your goals, your history and (most likely) the name of your dog. You get put at the mercy of the Stoke staff on a regular basis so we only thought it fair to switch roles and let you have a crack at getting to know us a bit more. Here goes....


Name: Kate Stewart

Origin: Perth, WA

What did you want to be when you grew up? At one point a lawyer, then a vet, then at the end of yr 12 I still had no concrete idea

Coffee order: Almond milk cap

Favourite saying: "Do all things with kindness"

Favourite meal out: Smashed avocado

Ideal vacation: All throughout South America (sights set on next year)

Most recent injury and how'd it happen: General bruises on my legs from being uncoordinated

Biggest fear: Heights....but falling from them, not so much climbing them. I'm all good until I have to climb down.

Goal for 2016: Continue growing Stoke and our little community!

Strange habit? Readjusting my hair before doing anything serious...even if it's still in place/tied up. Ever since it was pointed out to me, I can't not notice myself doing it haha

Biggest cravings (treat): Anything with peanut butter

What do you do to keep fit: Playing around like a kid at Movement Co, playing on the reformer.

Do you have any holidays coming up this year? Off to Bali in July, then hopefully Japan over Christmas

Favourite movie: I tend to watch TV shows over movies, but "10 things I Hate About You" never gets old.

Best bit of advice: "If you want something you've never had, then you have to do something you've never done."

Book in to see Kate today - click here or call us on 9448 2994!


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