Suiting Up - Simon's Wetsuit Tips & Tricks

Just like that, Summer has been and gone and the boardies and bikinis have been put back into draws. Replaced with ‘trackies’ and a beanie, a hot drink taking preference over those iced delights, there is a Wintery feel creeping in. This also means it is time to find and dust off the wetsuit!

Here are a few things about wetsuits that will come in handy on those super cold days out in the water:

  1. Check for Holes The first and easiest thing to do is to get a visual on any splits or holes in the wetty that may cause some leakage of that winter-chilled water into your warm, snug, body temperature environment. If you don’t do this, I can guarantee that you are in for a rude shock with your first duck-dive.

  2. Dry it Out This is key. For those who haven’t had to go through the ordeal of sliding your goosebumped legs into a cold, damp and sometimes dripping wetsuit, I hope you never have to… so dry the thing out by any means necessary – sun, car engine heat, hair dryer, fire, oven etc. FYI: Turn the wetty inside out! This will dry out the internal aspect of the wetsuit first, because who cares if the outside is cold, all you will care about is skin-wetsuit connection.

  3. A Plastic Bag is Your Best Friend... It is pretty annoying trying to slide those neoprene leg holes over your skin, and even more so if it is damp or sandy. Enter the plastic bag! This creates a frictionless, sand-free and water resistant environment, so wrap your feet up in one and feel that wetsuit sliding over your feet as if it was one of those slippery slides you went on when you were 12 years old. Once you have finished remove the bag and keep it for your next surf, it’s the environmentally friendly option!

  4. Please, Don’t Pee in Your Wetsuit The old adage that peeing in your wetsuit warms you up turns out to be a complete furphy. The truth is that holding onto that urine actually maintains a higher body temperature than if you were to let it out during a surf….

  5. Go For Colour! (i.e. don’t look like something’s lunch...) Apparently seals are the preferred dietary option for some of the bigger fish that we share our ocean with so let’s think about what type of wetsuit majority of people wear. I would hazard a guess that roughly 60-70% of the surfing population would wear a black wetsuit which is basically what I would wear if I had to go to a dress up party where the theme was “dress like a seal.” Stop looking like a delicious blubbery meal and it could go a long way to a happy and longer life with all your limbs still intact.

Do you have any tricks or tips? Comment below so we can all share!

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