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You're used to us sticking needles in your legs, massaging knots out of your neck and making you sweat on the pilates reformer. We know your goals, your history and (most likely) the name of your dog. You get put at the mercy of the Stoke staff on a regular basis so we only thought it fair to switch roles and let you have a crack at getting to know us a bit more. Here goes....


Name: Cara-Lee Goulleé

Origin: Cape Town, South Africa

What did you want to be when you grew up? a detective or a physio receptionist (my gran was one)

Coffee order: Used to be a long mac, but recently gave up milk so have been adjusting to long blacks.......

Favourite saying: Currently -"I stopped wishing that I would one day become the woman I want to be. I simply just wake up and become her"

Favourite meal out: Breakfast! Anything with avo. Or a teriyaki rice noodle bowl from Peko Peko for a cheeky take-away dinner.

Ideal vacation: somewhere with snow (snowboarding) or a boat/ocean (surf, kite, snorkel. wakeboard etc)

Most recent injury and how'd it happen: Cracked ribs. From landing awkwardly off a kicker at the wake park :(

Biggest fear: hmm... I'm not sure. I try not to put any thought towards things like fears. I mean...I don't love cockroaches.....?

Goal for 2016: Gosh, too many. I love having goals to work towards. Physically - hold a 1minute free standing handstand and get closer to a straddle press to handstand. Mentally - complete my yoga teacher course and get into the habit of meditating daily. Business - continue to grow a positive, loving and genuine community/family. Love-life - get a cat. (kidding- I am very much a dog person)

Strange habit? I have a thing for rearranging - my house, kitchen, backyard, bedroom... I've improved with age but still can't go 3months without moving things around, even if slightly. I'm a bit of a clean freak too so maybe it's connected?

Biggest cravings (treat): Ooh, currently - salt and vinegar rice cakes (!?!), popcorn, fresh sourdough with peanut butter or dark chocolate & sea salt.

What do you do to keep fit: Currently I train at a place called Movement Co - I do gymnastics, calisthenics, handstands, climbing etc. Basically I play in a huge warehouse/playground for an hour!

Do you have any holidays coming up this year? I'm hoping to get back to South Africa to visit family later on this year. I also have a good friend who has just moved to Japan, so a white Christmas (and snowboarding!) is on the cards too.

Favourite movie: uhhhhh I'm not a very big movie person at all. I loved Brother Bear though!

Book in to see Cara-Lee today - click here or call us on (08) 9448 2994


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