Let's Talk About Balance....

There has been a huge shift of late. More and more people are starting to get out there and chase their dreams. More and more people are starting to realise just how important it is to spend time on themselves before spending time on others. It is the age of self-development. Of awareness of our environment and that yes, in fact, we do need to step in and take some action. We’re aware we need to make better decisions and we are starting to make those better decisions. It is the age of balance. Of taking time out for ourselves. Of meditation. Of everything in moderation. Having over-indulged or under-indulged in everything from food to entertainment to social media, we are slowly coming to the realisation that we can’t sustain these extremes. Indeed, that it isn’t healthy to maintain these extremes.

Even striving for some semblance of balance can be considered an extreme. Finding the perfect amount of time to spend with friends, family, on food, on study, on work, on self-development, on charity, on spirituality, on exercise, on sleep, on travel, on working on our dreams….the list seems endless. Sometimes it all seems too hard. Doing the right things can seem too hard. Yet, deep down, we KNOW that this is what it’s all about. Trying to find the perfect balance point, where everything is working in harmony.

Liken hand-standing to life. It was explained beautifully to me the other day. In a 1 minute free handstand hold, there may be 2-3seconds where you have that perfect balance point. Where your body feels like it is floating, it is at ease, everything is working in harmony to hold your body at the perfect balance point. The remaining 57 seconds consist of working hard, of constant little adjustments to get you back to that perfect balance point. The goal is to aim for that 3 seconds of perfection all the while knowing that 3 seconds may be all you get. But oh, the feeling you get when you are at that point !

We can’t be perfect constantly. Some days we are going to wake up ready to change the world. Other days we are going to wake up and not even want to do our laundry. And that is ok. Have those days. If we spent every single second of every single day working on our dreams/family/love/chores/meditation/growth/exercise etc we would burn out. Make those tiny little corrections knowing that some days you may tip over the edge a bit too far, but that you will always come back, closer to that balance point. Knowing that some days you may lose your balance entirely. And that once re-grouped, you will kick back up, and try again. That the goal is to work towards those perfect 3 seconds. That we can’t already be there, because what would living be for if we were already in that state of perfection.

Most of all, hand-standing should be fun. Life should be fun. Life is a pretty exciting adventure and aren’t we oh so lucky to be on this wonderful venture.

May your hand-stands be consistent, your adjustments be small and your grin be humungous.

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